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May 01, 2015

WARNING...this blog post could be a bit gushy.

I am in such awe of other mums. Yes, it's because now know what being a mum can entail but it's also because I have the absolute privilege of getting to know so many amazing mums through my work on a daily basis.

I am so grateful for the mums that I love and interact with in real life and the ones I have met online and now work with, collaborate with and am constantly supported by (thankyou so much - you all know who you are)

And I'm grateful for YOU!

Yes, the mums that write to me via my facebook pageor this blog or who fill in my questionnaires for custom made blends. These mums are ALL just wanting to be better mums. Most of the questions I am asked and all the help these mums are seeking can pretty much all come back to 'how do I be a better mum?'

Here's what I've worked out: If you are asking that question in some way, shape or form - you already ARE a better mum.

You research what's best for your children. You are trying to achieve balance in your life while being the best parent you can be. You wonder if you are making the right choices for your children. You want to be happier because you know that means your children will be happier. You are a better parent for all of this.

I wanted to tell you not only that you ARE a better mum, but I also want to give back to YOU because you have made me feel less alone on this motherhood journey and I am in awe of your balancing act. Your juggling act. Your constant striving to be better for your loved ones and for your little people that will one day shape this world. I read about you and I read your questions and I wonder - How does she do it? And then I say to myself  - Just like you are doing it Alisha. One day at a time, with so much love and so much hope.

I know many mums that I just want to pick up and hold like THEY are the child because underneath they still are. I am too, I want mothering some days instead of being the mum. I want someone to pick me up, tell me it's all going to be ok and hold me tight.

So I'm here to be a bit of a mother hen and here is what I can give you right now -  

making healthy choices

1) A FREE printable on Making Healthy Choices. I know there has been a lot of debate recently (and there probably will always be!) on various parenting topics but I finally had to write this after the very heated vaccination debate. It's hard to know what to do sometimes and no-one can tell you because you are the mum and at the end of the day, it's really up to you but this list is something to read whenever you are wondering what choice to make. Whether it be what school to put your kids in or what to feed them, what medications to use or whether to vaccinate. I really hope it helps. Click HERE to download and print  


2) My Guide for Mums Manifesto. I hope you like it. I wrote it when I was still quite a new mum but I still try and live by it every day.  

Guide For Mums    

And some emotional support via the flower essences never goes Mumma Blends are my biggest sellers and for a good reason. They were made with myself and all mums in mind and because we seem to all experience the same feelings and obstacles that motherhood can bring, they work for every mum that tries them! So please check out my Essential Mum Pack that has both these blends bundled together at a lower price...


Well thanks again for being here and inspiring me to be a better mother. I hope you will all treat yourself this Mothers Day because you truly deserve it.

Have a beautiful day with your family and to anyone who will be missing their own mother, I'm sending you a massive virtual hug right now and I'm pretty sure your mum is damn proud of who you are and wants to tell you that you are doing a fantastic job. You ARE a better mum.


Yours in Health,


Alisha xx

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May 06, 2016

Beautiful words as always alisha, you are amazing. Xxx


May 06, 2016

Aww thankyou Nicole. Straight back at you! xx


May 02, 2015

Wonderful post!


May 03, 2015

Thanks Kerry! :)

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