Get Rid of Guilt

This may be the shortest blog I've ever written...and I love why that is.

Get rid of guilt is the perfect title for this blog because that's all I want to remind you to do with the sharing of it.

I wrote the following post on social media this morning and a comment immediately appeared underneath it - "I think you've written the most perfect blog right here! Publish it and enjoy the day with your kids." Thanks @cake2therescue, because that's exactly what I'm doing.

Today I'd like to walk my talk.

My star sign and flower essence guide for 2017 was the promised blog for today but hey, that involves a fair bit more work.  I'm pretty excited to share it soon but I should only share it when it's really ready and not rush it or cram it among 100 other things. It's a fabulous blog and will be all the more better with a bit more polish and a bit more patience.

So here's my social media post...which is now a blog...which has allowed a more relaxed day with my kids.

I hope it helps you too.


Woke up with mama guilt today....

You know where you wake up thinking of all the things you're not doing so great at?

My son got a bit of sunburn yesterday...
I was working as much as I was trying to parent yesterday...
I haven't called people back...
I haven't written this weeks blog yet...

So I took a dose of Mumma Magic and then everything changed.
I realised I was actually doing pretty well. I applied suncream on my kids a couple of times but we were in and out of the pool a bit and at least the sunburn was mild. At least my work enables me to work from home so even if I wasn't fully present all the time, at least I'm here. Work contacts and friends understand if I'm late returning calls during school holidays surely? Who cares if my star sign blog is late in coming out?

At least my guilt has nothing to do with whether my kids will eat today. Whether they will have clean water or be safe from the elements today like some mummas from around the world.

Guilt is a thing no matter who we are but shifting it as soon as it arises is important. We don't want to base any future actions on guilt from yesterday. It's just an emotion to point us towards some awareness or maybe bettering ourselves.....or simply teaching us (eventually!) that who we are and what we do is good enough. And that our good enough is actually perfect right now.
Hope you're with me?
Thanks for being perfect 'just as you are' alongside of me!

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Yours in Health,

Alisha xx

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