A Story About a Mum Like You....

I had such an amazing response to a story I wrote on my facebook page last night that I had to put it in a blog in case it was ever needed for a mum to be reassured. To feel part of this big club of mums just trying to do their best for their kids and their health.

Because at the end of the day we need to trust. We need to share. We need to give ourselves a break. We need to throw our hands in the air and just accept. Or cry. Or have a wine. Or get over ourselves. And I say this with such love and respect. I just think we often forget that nothing is in our control and we have to be happy with doing the best that we know. So this is for any mums like me, I hope it helps you feel better about your parenting journey.  

Once upon a time there was a mum who did all she knew how to do when it came to the health of her kids.

She fed them a whole foods diet and kept them off gluten, additives and sugar as much as she could.

She had them on a daily probiotic, she had them on immune boosting herbs over winter, she had them on extra nutritional supplements as soon as there was a sign of a sniffle.

If things felt scary or beyond her comfort zone, she would take them to a doctor and yes, occasionally use antibiotics or panadol if it was needed.
She kept their emotions and energy in check with so much love and flower essences and yet....
Her children got sick often. And sometimes stayed sick no matter what she would do! She doubted herself, her approach and her profession as a Naturopath.
But she never doubted herself as a mum.
She knew her love would sustain them and knew that she was doing all she could do because of this love so really....what more was there to do?
One day (maybe today!) this mum took her 4 year old daughter (who had been sick with cold/flu type symptoms for almost 2 months) back to the doctor for the second time in this time frame and was told that her daughter had an infection in both ears.
The mum didn't even know her daughters ears were sore as her daughter hadn't even voiced this. This mum wondered how long she had had this infection in the ears and how it could have possibly taken hold considering everything the mum was giving her every day.
This day the mum finally realised, there was nothing she could do...she didn't know everything...she had no control.....her kids were going to get sick no matter what. Sometimes she might help the severity and duration of their sickness and sometimes she would not.
This mum finally accepted that she had no control over their life lessons and health being so important to her was always going to get challenged (because of course this was where some of her major lessons truly lay)
This mum wanted all the other mums to read this story in case they had similar lessons going on and to know that whatever they did or didn't do would ultimately be the best thing for them and their children.
The End xxx
Ps. Just a quick update a mere 15 hours later: A lovely mum had mentioned on my facebook thread of this story that a doctor had once told her that children find it very difficult to describe some ear pain and they can't properly feel where it's coming from in some infections. Often they will just be miserable, upset, not themselves or say they have a tummy ache. Now this could be a million different things but Master 3 woke up with a 'tummy ache' today and I'm getting him checked out too. Kids won't necessarily have a temperature to have an ear infection as my daughter didn't (yet it was a very visible infection when the doctor looked). Ear infections left unchecked can affect hearing and it's better to know for sure what you are dealing with. Trust your gut, mum generally knows when to stay the course or get checked by a doctor.
Yours In Health,
Alisha x
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