"If you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it"

Basically that's all you need to know if you want to change your life, get healthier, achieve your goals.

Sounds too simple?

Well it is a practice. Like anything, we have to do it often to get results and if we practice it daily, well you might be astounded with the results you get soon.

Do you remember as a kid in primary school, getting those assignments where they could be all visual?

Instead of writing everything down, you could display it? It might have been to make a model or a short video or my favourite - the cardboard collage!

Let me set a scene for you.

Year 4 Geography Class. Assignment - China.

Enter a happy girl sitting on the floor surrounded by travel brochures, scissors, glue and a whopping piece of cardboard just begging to be collaged.

Great Wall of China - check.

Terracotta warrior soldiers - check.

A bowl of rice - check.

The national flag of China - check.

I'm sure you have the idea.

I would really feel the excitement of these projects. To sit there and dream and see myself among it all and guess what?

Things started to happen. I travelled a lot as a kid (it helped that I got my mum's travel brochures from her office - yep, she was a travel agent and tour guide) and I never made it to China but I ended up visiting a lot of the places that I used to obsess over as I flicked through those travel brochures and saw myself on a particular beach and felt the freedom of jumping into the waves. 

Fast forward to my early 20's studying all manner of things within Naturopathy at college and one subject taught us the power of visualisation!

Well, it was familiar right away.

What made sense to me was, when the lecturer said that you couldn't just slap a bunch of pictures together and gaze at them wistfully or wake up every day and just look at a picture and hope that it would materialise. No, no, no.

You had to FEEL it.

That was where I was going right when I was a youngster. I would get so excited about things and I also had a vivid imagination, so I would see myself walking among those worldly wonders and feel excited to be there.

There were many other things that I remembered feeling and seeing with my mind's eye as a kid and my parents were often astounded at what I would pull into my existence. I won so many prizes and was always invited along to incredible opportunities within my schooling and social life. Some people might have thought I was a really lucky kid.

I know now, it wasn't luck at all.

The things I felt deeply enough always happened or came along.

After this visualisation class, I was again overcome with excitement as I had never thought of doing this on purpose to attract things into my life!

It was always just beautiful accidents, happy coincidences. Or so I thought....

So I raced home and made my first visualisation board as an adult. Surrounded once again by magazines - still travel brochures but now also copies of Wellbeing and Health magazines and Marie Claire! I would cut out anything I wanted in my life, stick it up and hang somewhere in my house. Looking at it daily, I made sure I practiced the FEELING of being around what I wanted, not just hoping for it.

The trick is to act and feel what you aspire to be and have is already yours.

I have had many vision boards over the years and things don't come as soon as you want them but if done right, they mostly come. I once left the home I lived in and sold everything to travel Australia without possessions holding me back.

I knew there wasn't room in our campervan for my great big vision board and I was beside myself. I had been practicing feeling the things on that board and hadn't seen fruition yet. I said to my hubby that I wanted to remember what was on it and he (as the male that thinks on a different plane) just said 'easy, take a photo of it!'

So I did and forgot all about that photo that stayed on a film somewhere until around 5 years later. I found this film and developed it. I was so surprised and happy to see a photo of my old vision board and as I looked closer, I realised that everything on it was now in my life.

A picture of where I wanted to live had been lived at (briefly), we had a silver car, children, travelled to the places I had stuck on this board. Even the words that had been stuck up had all been achieved.

I really recommend this practice and it can be done for health too which is what I love! Visualise yourself healthy, happy and free no matter what you are currently experiencing.

So if you want to achieve something - look at it and practice FEELING that you have it and do this daily!

My husband was fortunate enough to be taught the power of positive visualisation in his sporting days and he has practiced it in his daily life ever since. He sees the golf ball go in the hole before he makes that golf shot, he used to see his cricket bat connecting with the ball and saw it fly away before he went up to bat. 

Many sporting greats attribute daily practice of visualisation to their success and many papers have been written by psychologists on 'success imagery' and it's use in business, sport and performing in all arenas.

It can really be used in any realm of life. 

Nowadays, my hubby likes to show off his visualising skills for finding our car parks! Ha! He sees our empty parking space and sees the car sliding in all before we enter that busy carpark. Of course we ALWAYS get that good park!  

Vision Board Ideas

To make your vision board, you can use cardboard and glue or a corkboard and pins! I like using corkboards these days as that way I can recycle my vision boards each year.

Get yourself some magazines or any printed publication you love along with some scissors and have fun (PS you will get an A+ I guarantee it) 😉

Of course there is always Pinterest too which like a giant digital version of vision boarding! I am just a bit old school and love having something hanging on my wall so I am seeing it and feeling it each day! But you could set it as your homescreen on your ipad or laptop where you will see it daily as well.

What do I put on my board?

Anything you want!

Use cut out words.

Use photos of yourself as you would like to look and be.

Images of things that make you happy, that you desire or where you would like to go.

My examples:

I have words like happiness, success, romance, weight loss, joy, health, relax!

I have photos of me at my ideal weight, laughing and happy.

I have photos of more places in the world that I would like to see.

I have photos of my family as I want to keep them in my life always!

I have photos of healthy food, people doing yoga poses, holiday destinations, a house, a kitchen sink I love, people getting massaged, postcards, things that make me happy and even a little folded up mock-up book that I made which has a byline of by Alisha Lynch (that's me! I want to be a published author one day!)

I also have lots of my Note To Self Affirmation cards up there as they are such beautiful visual reminders.

So you see, you can put anything up there!

Enjoy looking at it daily, FEEL yourself in those pictures, feel the emotions that would arise once you receive what you desire, picture how you look.

Your health issues gone, feeling good in your body, your energy and zest for life is endless!  

I just love visualisation and it doesn't just have to be a vision board either.

I will leave you a link which contains a step by step guide to achieving your goals through a daily 2 minute visualisation practice HERE.

I would love to hear from you if you already use visualisation in your life.

Leave me a comment if you have found visualisation successful so far or whether you are going to give it a go!     

Yours in health,  


Ps. I haven't been to China yet but I have no doubt that will happen one day :)

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