The Power of Water

Are you someone that gets their best ideas in the shower?

Have you noticed how being near or better yet, getting in, some sort of water can calm you or your kids down almost instantly?

What is it about water that changes our energy?
I think the key to this is in my last see water is a conductor of energy and it can change our own personal inner and outer energy fields immediately which in turn changes our thoughts and emotions.

My personal favourite type of water is the ocean and I'm a big believer in the quote: "The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears and the sea" and as soon as I get in the ocean or have a good cry or even sweat up a storm in the sauna - I'm a completely different person afterwards. 

Even just being by the ocean or walking next to it can completely change how I am feeling. This is also due to the negative ions (small molecules with a negative electric charge) that can be absorbed via our skin and even breathed into our lungs. "Studies have shown that negative ions possess not only an anti-microbial effect but also a mood-stabilizing one. Research seems to indicate that negative ions can influence serotonin levels in your brain."

The beach, in particular, can have as much as 2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter as opposed to a crowded city that may have less than 100.
But don't worry if you can't get to the beach as they are created by any water in nature as they are formed through natural means such as rain, wind, or sunlight causing an atom to break waterfalls, rivers, creeks, dams and just about any area out in nature will contain high concentrations of negative ions in the air. Good idea to have a walk or run outside next time it rains hey?

A funny quick story - 15 years ago when I left my husband at home in Australia to do a big walk in Spain (The Camino) which would take me on a 1000km, month-long walk, he said to my two friends that I would be walking with "hey, if Alisha is struggling physically or emotionally at any point, can you try and get her into a body of water somehow? A pool, a creek or even the shower in a pinch. It will fix her right up!"

My friends remembered this great piece of advice and would lead me to water as soon as they noticed I wasn't good (which happened a bit on a months walk when you were averaging 25km of walking a day!) and they would get me in a shower or creek or if we were lucky enough to have a pool at the place we would be staying at that night, then that was the first thing I would do. Get in the bloody water! I think I was much more manageable and easier to communicate with once this had happened and I still love remembering my husband's advice to my friends to this day!

I also spent almost every night of my two pregnancies in the bath as it was such a great way to relax me....and when I became a mum, I noticed that a bath or a swim or even a glass of water helps my kids so much in that current moment! From small babies to their current ages of 10 and 11, if they are feeling upset, tired, stressed or cranky...."Here, drink this water and then jump in the bath or shower"...and voila, a new kid on my hands! 

And it's not just the negative ions that can change how you are feeling....there is magic in water! Water can also store emotion (energy in motion) and have imprinted and captured emotions within it which can transfer to us!

Water molecules can actually change shape depending on whether you are directing positive energy or vibrations towards it or negative ones! This was demonstrated by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese Scientist who revolutionised the study of water by his extensive research and his life's work in his book Hidden Messages in Water. Dr Emoto's work shows us that water actually has a 'consciousness' and the shape of water molecules can change drastically depending on what energy is directed at it.

As you can see below, on the left shows a water molecule with the energy of love and gratitude directed towards it and on the right, there is a water molecule with the energy of disgust directed at it.

(image thanks to Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto)

I find this so fascinating and if you keep in mind that us humans are made up of 60% water....then think about how important it is for us to keep positive energy vibrations in and around us to keep ourselves healthy and happy!

This is of course a huge reason to take our flower essences daily! The water in these essences have had the energy of flowers from our natural world imprinted and stored within the water molecules. These vibrations are then preserved and taken by us to take on that flowers vibration. These vibrations help us feel calmer, clearer, more energetic, more in balance and helps us shift old stored emotions that we no longer need to keep feeling and reacting from.

It is like magic in a bottle and that is why we can feel and act so differently once we have adjusted the vibrations in the waters of our own body, all with just 7 drops in the mouth or a glass of water/water bottle! 

So I hope you understand a bit more now of how water is definitely something to turn to when you need inspiration, rejuvenation, calming or balancing!

Whether it's to shower off your day when you get home, a long soak in the tub to restore your calm, an invigorating swim in nature or your water based flower power drops 😉 keep your vibrations high with the magical properties of water!

Yours in Health,


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