The Only Resolution You Need to Make this Year

The new year is indeed a fresh start.

It gives us hope.

A hope for a new beginning.

A clean slate.

I totally get it because we should always be striving for a better version of ourselves, but we have to understand that each and every day gives us a better version of ourselves.

We know more than we did yesterday.

Sometimes it's an obvious bolt of lightning realisation and sometimes it just creeps up on us, but we are always doing better. We just aren't giving ourselves enough credit along the way on this journey of ours. We keep looking for what we don't yet have.

As much as I want you to aim to be healthier and happier....making New Year's resolutions can be a set back rather than a step forward.

Because we can make sweeping resolves or statements, that more often than not, don't have a very long expiry date and before we know it, we have gone back on what we've said and then beat ourselves up about it.

This year, I would like you to take stock of all you have achieved and just make the resolve to keep backing yourself each and every day because believe it or not, you are perfectly perfect in the exact stage that you are in now. Because it's in this stage that will get you to the next and then the long as you keep backing yourself.

So here's an idea for the last day of the year:

Don't make a bunch of New Year's resolutions that may last for some of January and then fall by the wayside.

Instead, take thirty minutes to an hour for yourself today, tonight or even tomorrow and make some lists.

Just lists for your personal reference and to clarify some things in your head. Below are some list ideas. You might want to do just a few lists or make them all!

~ Make a list of all the things that you would like to do differently this year.

~ Make a list of the things you are happy to let go of this year.

~ Make a list of people that you wish to keep close to you next year. The ones that make you feel good about yourself. The ones that you find yourself thinking fondly about and the ones that you wish you could see more often.

~ Make a list of the people that you feel are draining you and no longer serve your highest good. These people were probably needed for a time to teach you something about yourself but it doesn't mean you have to keep them forever.

~ Make a list of things you would like to do next year....places you would like to visit, hobbies you would like to take up, business goals you would like to achieve, books you would like to read, habits you would like to form.

~ Make a list of the emotions you feel when you do the most repetitive things in your life right now. Does it show you anything about how you spend most of your time? Is there something you could change or do more of to keep your emotions more positive?

~ Make a list of the health practices that seem to work for you. Which foods feel best? Which exercise makes you feel happier and more alive? How much sleep works better for you? Do any cleansing regimes or supplements help you feel better?

~ Make a list of the foods and practices that don't make you feel good.

~ Make a list of all the things you like about yourself and do well. Because really we should be concentrating on our strengths and making ourselves feel good. If there does have to be a resolution you make for the new year, it should be to BE YOUR OWN CHAMPION because everything good that will happen to you will come from there.

Enjoy your reflecting and your list making and enjoy being who you are in this very moment and this will serve you well in all your coming moments, Happy New Year champions!

Yours in Health,

Alisha xx

PS. Some ideas for helping you back yourself all the way, every day.

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