Fizzy Fermented Pineapple Drink

I live in sunny Queensland so pineapples are just life around these parts!

I know that pineapple comes to mind when you think of cocktails, pizza and ice blocks but what about when you think of coughs?


Well let me explain why I love pineapple the most!

It contains a lot of the enzyme bromelain which is anti inflammatory and mucolytic meaning it helps loosen and expel mucous from your airways. So if you have any congestion or cough, pineapple is the perfect food as medicine.

And yes it has to be raw as there are no enzymes left in tinned pineapple as the heat of the canning process destroys the precious bromelain. Pineapple is also very high in Vitamin C which is a great immune support when dealing with congestion or cough so it's the perfect little package really!

Another interesting fact is that most of the goodness and the highest content of Bromelain is actually in the core of the pineapple which is often discarded as it's a bit too tough to chew on and isn't as sweet as the pineapple flesh.

Definitely put your pineapple core through your juicer if you have a juicer that can handle it or if you'd like to get even more goodness out of the parts of the pineapple you'd usually throw away, you must give the Fermented Pineapple drink a whirl!


Peel from 1- 2 pineapples 

Two mason jars per pineapple (and fermenting weights if you have them)

Filtered water

2-4 dessertspoons of coconut sugar


Ok, firstly cut all the peel from your pineapple and pop the edible pineapple parts aside for snacking on or juicing. I cut mine up into squares and pop into a big glass container for snacks and lunchboxes.

Divide one pineapple core and the peel between 2 mason jars. If they are good sized pineapples it should fill two jars easily, but if a smaller pineapple you might fit all into one jar.

 Pop in one dessertspoon of coconut sugar per jar.

Fill the jars to the top with filtered water and once the lid is on give a good shake.

I use glass fermenting weights on the top of each jar with a 'burping' lid but if you don't have this sort of stuff, it will still work with just a lid on.

If you'd like a home fermenting kit, check out the one I use HERE (not sponsored, just the one I love and use for making my sauerkraut, pickled veg and this drink here of course.)

Then put somewhere warm for 4-5 days.

That's it!

When there is a slight fizz happening after 4-5 days, you can strain the liquid so you don't get the little pineapple hairs throughout your drink (important in my house with 2 young kids!) and you've got a slightly fizzy, slightly sweet, slightly tart drink that is really yummy and more importantly, really good for you!

Even though the vitamins and enzymes are best consumed straight away, it will store in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks as well. Give it a good shake before drinking.

It will be high in the enzyme bromelain, vitamic C and probiotics so a pretty great health tonic when coughs, congestion, hayfever or allergies are present. It will also help you digest your food!

You will never throw your pineapple peel or core away again!

So I hope you give this a whirl and if you are feeling a bit run down or perhaps you are prone to chest infections or just coughs in general, the emotional energy associated with the lungs is GRIEF.

Having a good cry can help clear some of that stuck energy that might be hanging around in the lung meridian (energy channel) and also shifting this with some flower essences is a good idea too.

The ones I recommend for letting go of stored grief energy are my Let it Go and Peace blends. Click on the blend names to read more about each one and see if they might suit your emotional support needs right now. They can also be taken together.


Yours in Health,

 Alisha x

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