A Quick Note on Energy and a bit of a Motivational Spiel...

This blog is a quick note on energy and a bit of a motivational spiel.

I hope it helps you as I know we can all feel a bit stuck sometimes.

My family went camping for the Easter break and it was so wonderful and a time that I usually would be absolutely dreading to end, but not this time!

So our little camping holiday ended today and I couldn't help but pause and reflect on how different I am to what I was just a short time ago. Usually I'd be downhearted as we packed up camp and dreading going back to work, routine, domestic life etc. but now I just feel excited.

This is because a while back, my outlook changed immensely. The realisation that all endings (no matter how small) mean new beginnings. There is a hell of a lot of energy flow involved in starting something and finishing something.

When we look at our life as a series of mini chapters, with each chapter bringing new characters, new feelings, new places and new adventures it looks like a very exciting life no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Graciously allowing things to end and happily letting go of each chapter ushers so much energy in for the next one. So don't be disheartened if you have an ending coming up.
It just means you have a new beginning coming up! Whether it be a new resolve, a new project or even new ideas to put in place, the sooner you place your energy forward instead of backward, excitement will grow.
But What If I Feel Stuck?
If you feel stuck at any point, it means a change is needed and sometimes the smallest change will start that energy flowing again. A new plant in your house, a new rug on your floor, changing your exercise, starting some new healthy eating habits, letting go of a relationship that hasn't been serving you....these are all energy shifters.
And if you feel like everything is crap with extra crapola on top and you can't get excited or even see around the bend, please make a change! Do something differently from what you are doing now (start small and go from there....have a green smoothie instead of that second coffee tomorrow?) and watch the energy shift which will be like falling dominoes.
Wait for the breath of fresh air excitement that I promise will follow. Nothing happening? Make a bigger change, and then another as you my friend are in a rut and the energy is pooling and stagnant. You may just need to prove that you're serious about moving again!
If you are needing extra help, my 'Let it Go' blend is fabulous for shifting old, stuck energy and emotions and really helps that new energy flow in.
Remember: attention goes where the energy flows, so focus on what's in front of you and get excited about whatever is coming next!
Make changes as often as you need to.
You get to write the chapters, this book is your life and no one can take that away from you!
Yours In Health
Alisha X
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