A Poem about Loss

I recently had a very dear friend lose their mum to cancer and it really rocked me.

My heart was a bit broken by not being able to comfort her in person. Not being there to give her a big hug and just silently be there for her to lean against or make her a zillion cups of tea.

When I feel a bit helpless like this, I take my flower essences* and I write whatever I feel like writing which helps me process my feelings a bit better. I have lost some very special people in my life in the past and often the death of someone near or dear to you can bring up all those feelings of loss again.

Whether we lose someone due to death or even if we just suffer from a relationship ending, loss is a very powerful feeling and has many emotions attached to it. They should be supported and honoured as they surface which will help your transition through this time and will help lessen the physical impact that stored powerful emotions can have on the body.

I know that all of us go through periods of loss in our lives so this poem is for you if you need it.

There's a certain kind of breeze where I can sometimes smell your scent

There's a certain kind of recall flashing me pictures of time we spent

There's a certain kind of crowd where I hear you calling my name

There's a certain kind of feeling where I suddenly don't feel the same

There's a certain kind of memory that clutches at my chest

There's a certain kind of dream that reminds me what I loved best

There's a certain kind of pause in which I fall into

There's a certain kind of wanting that's only filled by you

There's a certain kind of love that can never be replaced

There's a certain stretch of time that now feels like a waste

There's a certain kind of realisation that you're no longer here

There's a certain kind of knowing that's now no longer clear

There's a certainty in a love that now spans age and time

There's a certainty of relief that you are me, I am you, we are mine.

Honour your feelings.
Honour who you have lost.
Honour yourself.

*The best Flower Essence blends for dealing with emotions of loss are Help Blend (take as often as needed when experiencing initial stages of shock and for feeling out of control, anxious or hit with grief) and Let it Go Blend (to help later when you are needing to let go of some of the grief, confusion and sadness after relationships end) and Peace Blend to help heal and balance the energies of the heart chakra. You can find all these blends HERE

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful friend Karri-May xxx

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