15 Amazing Things About You

These '15 Amazing Things About Me' are for you!!

So if you are feeling decidedly 'UN-amazing' right now, you might like to read through and keep one or two as a focus for today? 😊

15 Amazing Things About Me

1. My birth was a one of a kind event. It had never happened before and will never happen again. No one else has my DNA, my fingerprints, my unique way of looking at the world.

2. Although I am a physical body that can be seen, touched and heard, I am also made up of energy. Literally trillions of atoms vibrating together to make up my form!

3. I have 2 brains! One is in my head and one is in the midsection of my body called the gut. It houses all the bacteria needed to keep me alive, the hormones that determine how I feel and the immune cells that keep me well.

4. I have such a huge impact on the people around me so I know that looking after myself not only helps me, but helps them.

5. I care deeply about people, animals and nature. I know we all need each other to survive in this world. Looking after myself as well as what's around me actually helps me like myself more.

6. I LOVE good food! How lucky that I can experience pleasure by doing what keeps me alive and nourishing my body.

7. My body is so amazing. I produce around 25 million new cells every second. I give birth to over 200 billion red blood cells every day!

8. I was chosen to be here. Every day I wake up and live my life. Some days go well and some days don't but every single day, I try to have the best day that I possibly can.

9. My biggest enemy is stress. I don't work well when stress hangs around too long. I also work on finding stillness and calm whenever I can to beat this enemy.

10. My breath is amazing. It oxygenates my blood and keeps me alive but it also centres and calms me. Just by closing my eyes, slowing down and concentrating on my breath, I can feel the pace that my body wants me to live.

11. My heart beats around 100,000 times a day...it also houses the most amazing and strongest feeling I have ever felt....love.

12. I grow as a person when I share of myself! But I can also conserve the precious commodity that is me, by saying no.

13. I smile, I laugh, I frown, I cry, I whisper, I yell, I scream and I can go completely blank! Sometimes all in one day!!

14. I feel all the emotions known to man and I recognise that all are needed, all are ok and all are allowed to be expressed. There are no 'bad' emotions, they are simply energies passing through me that deserve to be felt and acknowledged before I let them go again.

15. I am here, right now in this very moment in time and I'm not supposed to be anywhere else. How amazing is that?

How amazing are you!!???

 Yours in Health,

 Alisha x

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