Full Moon in Virgo - March 18th

It's definitely an advantage to live our lives with the knowledge that we are made up of energy and that everything around us is also made of energy.....and we need to remember that our emotions are also just energy! E-motions (energy in motion) come and go and they can also be affected by what is going on around us energetically. 
The full moon is one of those things that can greatly affect our energy/emotions as the fuller the moon, the greater the pull on the water in our body (just like the moon pulls the tides) and guess where our energy vibrations are most active? Within the water in our bodies! We are made up of around 60% water so there can be a lot of emotional shifts going on during the lunar phases which are of course heightened when the moon is at it's fullest. Just ask teachers, nurses and doctors how their shifts go around the full moon!
And depending on what time of the year it is and where the moon is in the sky, it can have an extra layer of specific energy that we can harness and use for our benefit. You don't have to be a Leo to make use of this full moon energy as it affects all star signs, although those born under the Virgo sign may feel this energy a little more than others.
Full Moon in Virgo March 18th

So what's happening energetically for us this full moon?

This month's full moon occurs in Virgo on March 18th here in Australia. Full moons are always a time of powerful manifesting, achieving our goals and releasing energy that we no longer want or need to carry over to the next month. And just as the full moon marks a completion or an ending to something....it is also the start of something new as the cycle begins again. 
This Virgo full moon energy:
  • Is the completion phase of a lunar cycle that began on September 17th 2021 so think back to anything that was happening back around that date. Work projects, promises you made to yourself, important conversations or anything that began back then....because this current full moon will shed clarity and completion on these topics.
  • This full moon is all about self compassion. What can you do for you right now that will alleviate some of the guilt you have been carrying around? It's time to put down that stick you have been beating yourself up with too. Use this full moon energy to let it go and turn your love and appreciation towards yourself.
  • It's all about the little things at the moment. This full moon will highlight all the things you are grateful for in your day to day life. This will help with all the uncertainty you have been feeling lately and create a sense of much needed purpose in your routines.
  • It's a great time to get organised so write up your to-do list and get anything that needs more organisation in your life sorted as you have the energy around you to support this. Clean up your office and work spaces, declutter your house, make plans and outline what your BEST daily schedule might look like in the weeks and months ahead
  • It is also a great time to reflect on all the things or the people that have been tripping you up lately or zapping your energy. Who and what can you create distance from to start making more progress to where you want to be?  

Support for Kids

Your kids might bring up things that happened last year. Be there for them to listen and answer any questions for them as they may be trying to complete some thought processes or ideas that surfaced last September.

Chat to your kids about how important it is to be kind to OURSELVES as well as one another. Teach them some reframing words if you notice any negative self talk going on like "I will do this better next time" or "it's ok to make mistakes, that's how we learn!"  Let them know we are all just trying to figure things out as best we can and that we are all doing our very best in this very moment.

Encourage them to do some organising and decluttering with you. Maybe get their help to write some shopping lists or meal plans. Is there anything they would like to take out of their room and give to someone else because they may feel they have outgrown it. You never know your luck with this current moon energy so see if they feel like helping you tidy and organise any spaces that need attention!

Older kids may have the motivation to write out their own to-do lists and write up any study schedule they would like to stick to. White boards, cork boards or just paper and blue tack will be handy for them so they have a good visual reminder in their (cleaned and decluttered?) room!

Emotional Support Tools 

 Flower Essence blends to be taking during this full moon:

🌸 Self Love

🌸 Let it Go 

🌸 Intuition

🌸 Sweet Dreams

🌸 Slow Down

🌸 Like A Boss

And enjoy any full moon rituals you might like to get up to - a magnesium bath, crystal cleansing, journal writing etc.

It can also be a great time to get some energy healings like reiki, and if you can do some yoga and meditation or just sit quietly watching a candle flame for 10 minutes. Anything that helps attune your energy body with your physical body around this full moon energy will be extremely beneficial. 

Make sure you are gentle with yourself and others right now and reap the benefits of working with the energy within you and around you...

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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