Full Moon in Taurus - November 19th

It's definitely an advantage to live our lives with the knowledge that we are made up of energy and that everything around us is also made of energy.....and we need to remember that our emotions are also just energy! E-motions (energy in motion) come and go and they can also be affected by what is going on around us energetically. 
The full moon is one of those things that can greatly affect our energy/emotions as the fuller the moon, the greater the pull on the water in our body (just like the moon pulls the tides) and guess where our energy vibrations are most active? Within the water in our bodies! We are made up of around 60% water so there can be a lot of emotional shifts going on during the lunar phases which are of course heightened when the moon is at it's fullest. Just ask teachers, nurses and doctors how their shifts go around the full moon!
And depending on what time of the year it is and where the moon is in the sky, it can have an extra layer of specific energy that we can harness and use for our benefit. You don't have to be a Taurus to make use of this full moon energy as it affects all star signs, although those born under the Taurus sign may feel this energy a little more than others.

So what's happening energetically for us this full moon?

Our November full moon in Taurus occurs at 3.58am on November 19th and this full moon will also be a partial eclipse...it's the start of a new season of eclipses that will end late in 2023. This full moon alongside the partial eclipse means extremely strong and powerful energy will really push the letting go of anything that contradicts your feelings of safety, security and feeling fulfilled. When a full moon accompanies an eclipse the emotions are even more ramped up!
Full moons are always a time of powerful manifesting, achieving our goals and releasing energy that we no longer want or need to carry over to the next month. And just as the full moon marks a completion or an ending to something....it is also the start of something new as the cycle begins again. This particular moon is all of this x 1000! 
This Taurus full moon energy:
  • will be having you feel BIG feelings. Emotions will be felt very intensely and may also feel a bit overwhelming
  • whatever you need to learn or take away from the current energy will feel almost exaggerated, so be aware that what you are looking at and feeling right now will seem smaller on the other side of this full moon energy
  • you might feel like you need MORE of something right now when in fact you probably need less so be aware of that and try and aim for less just to keep some balance for later! (food, drink, exercise, contact with others etc.)
  • you might be feeling more stubborn than usual so as hard as it may feel, try and be flexible on the big decisions that will impact day to day life right now or maybe leave them for later on as you may feel less like digging your heels in
  • You may feel some surges of aggressive or heightened frustration which could lead to clashing with people and even a big showdown so just be very careful with that energy if you feel it....remember things are heightened right now
  • you will definitely feel the need to change something which is brought about by letting go of something else....so be ready for this and embrace it as it's only going to serve you so much better (even if it feels uncomfortable now)
  • you will be craving feelings of safety and security at the moment so honour this and do anything that creates these feelings for you (couch time in your trackies?)

Support for Kids

Ok, so just like us, our kids will have the BIG feelings too. All we can do is be aware of this, create for them some space to feel it all and offer our love and understanding. Remember that this will all pass quite quickly so try and make it as comfortable for them in the meantime. 

Sibling rivalry will be high because of the stubborn, dig our heels in energy going on coupled with things being felt intensely so even though it's the last thing you feel like doing right now, just try and be the calmest referee you can manage! And maybe have the kids doing separate activities if you see things heading that way!

It's a great time to clean out any clothes or toys the kids have grown out of and create some higher energy space. Letting go of 'things' always helps clear some of that 'busy mind' or 'clutter' energy and our kids feel so much calmer for it. Just don't take away anything they still want right now or you will have the showdown of all showdowns so definitely something to do together and with their permission!

If you are sensing your child is overwhelmed by what they may be feeling at the moment, make sure you intervene and cancel any plans that place any unnecessary stresses on the family right now and get them to talk about their feelings or even draw or write them down! Sometimes it's nice to do some journaling or drawing together as monkey see, monkey do!

And remember that your kids will need to feel extra safe at the moment so lots of cuddles, try and be present for them and adjust anything that creates feelings of not feeling safe....does a light need to be left on overnight? Do you check in with them more often in person or via text? Just let them know any way you know how that you are there for them and that they are safe.

Emotional Support Tools

 Flower Essence blends to be taking during this full moon:

🌸 Let it Go

🌸 Silly Season

🌸 Help

🌸 Slow Down

🌸 Intuition

🌸 Protect 

And enjoy any full moon rituals you might like to get up to - a magnesium bath, crystal cleansing, journal writing etc.

It can also be a great time to get some energy healings like reiki, and if you can do some yoga and meditation or just sit quietly watching a candle flame for 10 minutes. Anything that helps attune your energy body with your physical body around this full moon energy will be extremely beneficial. 

Make sure you are gentle with yourself and others right now and reap the benefits of working with the energy within you and around you...

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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