Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 14th

It's definitely an advantage to live our lives with the knowledge that we are made up of energy and that everything around us is also made of energy.....and we need to remember that our emotions are also just energy! E-motions (energy in motion) come and go and they can also be affected by what is going on around us energetically. 
The full moon is one of those things that can greatly affect our energy/emotions as the fuller the moon, the greater the pull on the water in our body (just like the moon pulls the tides) and guess where our energy vibrations are most active? Within the water in our bodies! We are made up of around 60% water so there can be a lot of emotional shifts going on during the lunar phases which are of course heightened when the moon is at it's fullest. Just ask teachers, nurses and doctors how their shifts go around the full moon!
And depending on what time of the year it is and where the moon is in the sky, it can have an extra layer of specific energy that we can harness and use for our benefit. You don't have to be a Sagittarius to make use of this full moon energy as it affects all star signs, although those born under the Sagittarian sign may feel this energy a little more than others.

So what's happening energetically for us this full moon?

This month's full moon occurs in Sagittarius on June 14th at 9.51pm EST here in Australia. Full moons are always a time of powerful manifesting, achieving our goals and releasing energy that we no longer want or need to carry over to the next month. And just as the full moon marks a completion or an ending to something....it is also the start of something new as the cycle begins again.
This Sagittarius full moon energy:
  • is all about encouraging a new and more positive perspective
  • it's occurring smack bang in the middle of our calendar year and will help us clear the slate emotionally and ready ourselves for the last half of the year
  • a time to broaden our horizons and maybe shift our personal boundaries to start aiming for more than we think we are capable of or deserving. It's time to shoot for the stars
  • It's also a time to reflect on the accomplishments we have made during the first half of the year and congratulate ourselves for what we simply made it through or maybe what we have achieved so far. Celebrate any and all of your successes and get excited about what you can do next
  • you may find some much needed optimism rolling on in and allow this to set bigger and better intentions for what is to come
  • you may feel a bit more sensitive about certain things during this time so be aware that you will be more easily triggered about past hurts
  • keep an open mind and heart towards new or deeper connections with those around you
  • so much manifesting ability for the big picture dreams you have at the moment so focus on anything that will contribute to making another step towards your goals and act on it!

Support for Kids

 You may notice a shift in more optimism in your kids thoughts and behaviour. Any children with a glass half full outlook may say or do something against their usual nature! Encourage and praise these statement or actions as soon as you hear or see them. This will help your child really want to hold on to and replicate this positive feeling and remind them of what they can keep working towards.

A great time to chat to school kids about how they feel their school year is going so far. Are they happy with their grades, their friendships, the amount of work they are getting through or completing? Do they need to adjust anything to create more time and space for this?

With the full moon heightening emotions and sensitivities, as always, be more careful and gentle around your kids at the moment. If there are poor behaviours  you are wanting to address and get them to work on, maybe leave the big chats about this for a few days. Pick your battles and practice just praising the good and minimising the nit picking as much as possible right now.

Encourage chats and even writing down of goals and dreams your kids have. Manifesting our desires gets so much easier once we let them out into the world via voice or pen so do it with them. Let them know how much power they have over their future by the practice of manifesting.

Emotional Support Tools 


 Flower Essence blends to be taking during this full moon:

🌸 Manifest

🌸 Let it Go 

🌸 Focus

🌸 Self Love

🌸 Like A Boss

🌸 Courage

And enjoy any full moon rituals you might like to get up to - a magnesium bath, crystal cleansing, journal writing etc.

It can also be a great time to get some energy healings like reiki, and if you can do some yoga and meditation or just sit quietly watching a candle flame for 10 minutes. Anything that helps attune your energy body with your physical body around this full moon energy will be extremely beneficial. 

Make sure you are gentle with yourself and others right now and reap the benefits of working with the energy within you and around you...

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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