Full Moon in Leo - February 17th

It's definitely an advantage to live our lives with the knowledge that we are made up of energy and that everything around us is also made of energy.....and we need to remember that our emotions are also just energy! E-motions (energy in motion) come and go and they can also be affected by what is going on around us energetically. 
The full moon is one of those things that can greatly affect our energy/emotions as the fuller the moon, the greater the pull on the water in our body (just like the moon pulls the tides) and guess where our energy vibrations are most active? Within the water in our bodies! We are made up of around 60% water so there can be a lot of emotional shifts going on during the lunar phases which are of course heightened when the moon is at it's fullest. Just ask teachers, nurses and doctors how their shifts go around the full moon!
And depending on what time of the year it is and where the moon is in the sky, it can have an extra layer of specific energy that we can harness and use for our benefit. You don't have to be a Leo to make use of this full moon energy as it affects all star signs, although those born under the Leo sign may feel this energy a little more than others.

So what's happening energetically for us this full moon?

This month's full moon occurs in Leo on February 17th here in Australia. Full moons are always a time of powerful manifesting, achieving our goals and releasing energy that we no longer want or need to carry over to the next month. And just as the full moon marks a completion or an ending to something....it is also the start of something new as the cycle begins again. 
This Leo full moon energy:
  • Inspires your creativity and your passionate sides
  • Urges you to show up in the areas you are sometimes afraid of showing up in...time to show off what you mostly keep hidden! You are amazing and you can use this time to shine your light! 
  • Got some big dreams that need to come forward? Use this moon's energy to move them up the priority list and start planning or even actioning those dreams
  • If you have been feeling afraid about anything, this is a great time to draw on your inner courage and work through that fear
  • Feeling romantic or frisky, take action! 😉
  • Speak up and KNOW that this is a great time to be assertive, bold, artistic, passionate and bring forth those ideas that have been simmering in the background!

Support for Kids

Creativity, Art, Dance, Music and Play are the themes of this week so support and encourage all forms of expression in this area. Put art and craft supplies in full view and let the projects flow!

Hold a family dance party in the living room and take turns choosing your favourite songs to have a boogie! This will be great for you as well to move your body with joy and passion. Rock out!

Heightened passions can mean heightened emotions so make sure you are there to steer things into creative expression and make sure you have your listening ears on as kids might feel the pull to speak up and articulate something they have been keeping inside and this will be so good for them to get off their chest. For younger kids who can't express their needs and wants with words right now, if you sense they have something to communicate, get them to draw or sing with you.

Older kids may have more courage and be more daring than they usually are...so just keep an eye on things if you can and keep all communication channels open so they can share their thoughts with you about anything new.

Emotional Support Tools

 Flower Essence blends to be taking during this full moon:

🌸 Courage

🌸 Truth 

🌸 Mojo

🌸 Bliss

🌸 Manifest

🌸 Like A Boss

And enjoy any full moon rituals you might like to get up to - a magnesium bath, crystal cleansing, journal writing etc.

It can also be a great time to get some energy healings like reiki, and if you can do some yoga and meditation or just sit quietly watching a candle flame for 10 minutes. Anything that helps attune your energy body with your physical body around this full moon energy will be extremely beneficial. 

Make sure you are gentle with yourself and others right now and reap the benefits of working with the energy within you and around you...

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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