Supporting Chakra Development in Our Children

One of my biggest lessons in life is that personal happiness and wellness are inside jobs. We really do have everything we need in order to live an incredible life, including a chakra system  that has exceptional wisdom and an ability to balance and heal itself.

But what about our children?

As mums, we have a unique connection to our child. It begins in utero, with the umbilical cord and continues on an energetic level, sustaining and nourishing our child as they grow with a special form of energy.

We are in the unique position of being responsible for the early development of our children’s energetic bodies. Our actions directly impact and affect the growth of their chakra systems.

It sounds like an enormous responsibility doesn’t it?

(It certainly feels that way to me at times).

The good news is that you are no doubt, already doing a lot to support your child’s energetic development. Affection, engagement, encouragement and the gift of your continued presence are some of the greatest gifts we can provide.

This isn’t about being the perfect parent either. It’s about empowering ourselves with the knowledge that there’s so much we can do, to ensure our children grow a healthy chakra system.

How do we support the development of our children’s chakra system?

The development of our psyche and emotional nature takes place in the early years of our lives. Chakras develop sequentially from bottom to top, as a child matures from birth to adulthood.

I highly recommend this article by American therapist and Chakra specialist, Judith Anodea. She provides an in-depth overview of the chakras and their childhood developmental stages, with simple advice for parents on how to support the unfolding of these important areas in a child's life.

It’s a really long blog though, so I wanted to offer you an alternative version that can quickly return to as needed:

 Root Chakra: Womb to 1 year Embodiment, Attachment and Nourishment.

  • Help your child gain a sense of their aliveness with frequent holding, touching and by responding to their immediate needs.
  • Touch-play (playing with feet and hands, letting them grasp toys) helps stimulate motor-development and allows your child to relate to the world positively.
  • Be there for your child as much as possible. Consistency of presence helps build trust and confidence.
  • Nurture a safe home environment – protection from loud noises, potential dangers and extreme temperatures. At this stage, your child needs lots of reassurance.
  • Healthy nutrition is imperative for yourself and your baby. Your emotional state is equally important – so please take care of you!

Sacral Chakra: 6 to 18 months Allow Separation and Attachment, Support Exploration and Reflect Emotions.

  • Notice how your child is beginning to separate a little from you but always comes back for reassurance.
  • Provide a safe and pleasurable environment for your child to explore – lots of colours and interesting sounds to experience. This is when your child is discovering much joy in their personal movement and sensory experiences.
  • Be aware of your own emotions as children easily pick up on the energy fields around them. This requires taking care of your own needs and resolving old emotions so that they are not projected onto your child.
  • Mirror your child’s feelings. They are beginning to understand that feelings have names and that they can communicate their needs and wants to others.

Solar Plexus Chakra: 18 months to 3 years Autonomy, Self-Esteem, Toilet Training, Discipline.

  • Your child is learning to separate from you even more now. This is the time to allow her/his willfulness in safe and appropriate ways by offering choices. For example: Instead of asking “Will you put your shoes on? Ask “Do you want to wear the red shoes or the blue ones?”
  • Hello ego-identity! Patience is your best friend during this stage. Encourage your child to try things on his/her own. Celebrate their efforts and support their independence without being critical.
  • Sphincter muscles are adequately developed by 18 months to 2 years, but she/he might be 3 before they are able to go all night nappy-free. Showing interest in adult toilet behavior is a good indication they are ready.
  • Support your child’s moves towards autonomy while maintaining appropriate limits and control.
  • Sensitivity towards your child is important during this stage. Withdrawal of love puts the third and fourth chakras at odds, and can trigger a child's insecurity and need for approval.

Heart Chakra: Ages 4 – 7 Modelling Relationships, Empathy and Moral Behaviour.

  • Children at this age are keen observers, internalizing adult behaviour as their own. Subsequently, the more you are able to model balanced, loving relationships, behave morally and demonstrate empathy, the more your child will learn to take on these behaviours as their own.
  • It’s important to explain the relationship between why we do things and don’t do other things eg. “ We don’t eat lollies all the time because they don’t have the nutrients our bodies need to grow.” “We put petrol in the car so we can drive to work, just like we eat food to give us the energy to play.”
  • This is also a crucial period for developing relationships with their peers. It’s important for your child to have opportunities to socialize and foster relationships outside the immediate family.

Throat Chakra: Ages 7 – 12 Support Communication, Exploration and Creativity.

  • This is an important period for encouraging exploration, expanding horizons (through small excursions), and stimulating creativity.
  • Cognitive learning is happening rapidly during this stage and you can actively support your child by encouraging questions, talking about feelings and experiences, and by listening attentively.
  • School is the primary domain for learning and development of confidence. Show interest in your child’s school work. Get involved by helping with homework and acknowledging their efforts.
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for your child to demonstrate and explore their creativity, and show appreciation for their artwork. This will assist creative identity, by teaching that their artistic creations have value.

Third Eye Chakra: Adolescence, Identity and Opportunity.

  • You will notice that your adolescent has begun a pilgrimage of identity. You can assist by encouraging their individual expression, asking lots of questions (rather than providing answers) and allowing your child to have more responsibility and choice.
  • Let your child make their own mistakes and try not to oppose their choices such as what they choose to wear, or who they enjoy hanging out with. Identity roles are likely to change often and the more you oppose their choices, the longer it may last.
  • Provide opportunities for your adolescent to develop life skills and experience around money, activities and personal responsibility, while ensuring there are clear and consistent boundaries.

Crown Chakra: Early Adulthood and beyond. By the time your son or daughter has reached the seventh chakra stage, your influence will be minimal. This stage can be characterised as ‘letting go’.

  • As a parent you can aid this transition by encouraging your child to think for him/herself, requesting their opinion and involving in intellectual discussions. ‘Ask, don’t tell’ is a helpful mantra.
  • Support their learning in whatever way you can, avoid forcing your opinions or values on them and teach them to find the lessons in experience.
  • Support and celebrate their independence.

An end note:

I’ve yet to meet a single person who does not carry some pain, hurt, or trauma from their childhood. As human beings, it’s inevitable that we will continue to make mistakes as parents. We will disappoint our kids even with the best intentions!

There is also the probability that our children are at risk of continuing our own issues and childhood traumas. Letting go at the right pace on every level seems to be the mark of positive parenting. Promoting their growth and ability to move towards independence, while ensuring that their energetic connection remains grounded and stable.

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t about perfect parenting, it’s simply about doing our best!

My range of chakra blend essences can provide the energetic support you and your child require for healthy chakra development.

Click HERE to read check them out.

Yours in health,


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