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Calm Kids Pack


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Surviving The Silly Season

If there is any time of the year that you need to look after yourself, it's the end of the year! The lead up to Christmas and all it entails can really do a number on us. Wanting to hide in the corner of a room somewhere while rocking back and...

Ask Alisha - Reading Energy

This has been a blog I have wanted to write for a while but it's a hard topic to put into words....the topic of energy. Not the kind of energy you wished you had at the end of a long day and you still have to get dinner organised....but the...

Tips for A More Mindful Christmas

How is your December to-do list looking so far? If it's as long as mine, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and also wondering if you are doing too much.... Maybe even extending yourself in directions that don't ring true for you anymore. I found that I was trying...

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