Mumma Mojo

  • For women, our libido is mostly determined by how we feel about ourselves. This changes constantly over the years due to having babies, changes in our bodies, lack of time for self care and plain old exhaustion and lack of sleep.

    This flower essence blend is to nurture the woman۪s sexuality by building confidence, self esteem and appreciation and love of her physical form. It also contains essences to let go of expectations and inhibitions that can sometimes mar the sexual experience as well as essences for balancing the reproductive hormones. There is also an essence for increasing your vim and vigour in there!

    Sometimes lack of enjoyment of sex or low libido is due to emotional issues that have been instilled from past events or from what is currently going on in a person۪s life. For this, I recommend a tailor made blend as it is amazing what can change when we lift those very individual and personal blocks.

    Emotional State:Low Mojo ۢ Self-Conscious ۢ Weary ۢ Exhausted
    Positive Outcomes:Increased Mojo and self esteem? More Confidence ۢ Awareness ۢ More zest for life!

    Dosage 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.
  • Ingredients: Giving hands, Leafless orchid, Macrozamia, Pink fountain trigger, Red leschenaultia, Wisteria, She oak, Wedding bush, Urchin dryandra, water, ethanol.

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