Product image 1Adult Custom Made Blend Pack - Highly Recommended
Product image 2Adult Custom Made Blend Pack - Highly Recommended

Adult Custom Made Blend Pack - Highly Recommended

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This pack gives you your personal blend which I will formulate after you have answered some questions.

You will access the questions via a questionnaire link within your sales receipt which you receive upon payment. Once you receive this e-mail, click on the link, fill in your answers and press submit.

I can then formulate your personal blend which will address all the specific issues you are needing help with. This is the blend which works on your constitution. You will take 7 drops of this morning (upon waking) and night (before going to sleep) until the bottle is gone (roughly 3 weeks).

You will also receive a ready made blend which you will take as often as needed throughout the day or night. I will determine which one is most appropriate one, after reading your answers. This acts like an immediate help for what you are struggling most with. You can۪t overdo these drops and I urge you to take it whenever you think you need to.

Being on your personal blend may release old emotions and it is helpful to have an essence to take when this happens. These blends can often help you deal with what comes up at the time. You will keep this one in your bag or have handy for when it is needed.

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