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PMS Pack

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The PMS Pack contains the perfect flower essence remedies for the emotions that surface around that time of the month. You can stay on these blends all month round (especially Female blend)  but definitely have them on hand and take as often needed when Aunt Flo comes to town! This pack is suitable for any aged female navigating her way through hormonal imbalance.

Slow Down: This blend helps people who are always over-committed with no time for themselves. Great for feelings of impatience, rushing, worry, mind chatter, irritability and scattered, erratic type behaviour. Positive outcome for taking this blend is relaxation, more clarity, calm and inner-peace.

Female Blend:
This blend assists females dealing with changes in their cycle and reproductive hormones at any stage in their life. It will help you to feel more at ease, less moody and provides an uplifting and restorative energy. An excellent blend for shifting energy and emotions if your hormones are still all over the place from pregnancy or for pre-menstrual and menopausal changes.

Let It Go: Fantastic for any times of confusion, turmoil and disharmony in your life and relationships. Good for parent-child bonding issues or problems with your partner, family members or social circle. This blend is all about helping you let go of issues that are harming your relationship with yourself and others.

Dosage for all ages 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily. Use 1-2 blends (the ones you think are most important at the time) in this way and then use the others on an as needed۪ basis. You can even put a dose in the drink bottle for during the day.

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