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Silly Season Saviour

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  • "May there be peace on earth and peace in our hearts and minds."

    • Has 2020 zapped your Christmas Cheer?
    • Does the end of year have you feeling overwhelmed?
    • Do you have to get the Christmas shopping done for the kids, the family, school teachers, neighbours and friends?
    • Are you feeling any apprehension about catch ups with certain family members or missing the ones you can't catch up with?
    • Are you worried about staying sane while getting everything done on time?
    • Does the thought of shopping centre car parks and doing all the grocery shopping leave you feeling stressed?
    • Does this time of year bring up painful emotions or missing loved ones

    Silly Season Saviour is a bottle of calm to see you through the end of year craziness. It will have you telling yourself (when it comes to all your end of year commitments, Christmas, New Year's Eve, kids, family, shopping, cooking, socialising and everything in between) that 'You've Got This'!

    • Feel calm, balanced and less stressed
    • Feel energised and motivated
    • Feel more forgiveness and compassion towards others and yourself
    • Feel like having some fun!

    Works wonderfully in conjunction with the Silly Season Saviour Mist

    Dosage: 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed

    CURRENT OFFER: All orders over $99 receive a free 30ml Silly Season Saviour Blend plus free shipping and all orders over $129 receive a free 50ml bottle plus free shipping! All orders over $179 receive a free 50ml bottle PLUS a free Silly Season Saviour Mist and free shipping!

  • Ingredients: Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Star of Bethlehem, Christmas Tree Kanya, Cape Bluebell, Hops Bush, Green Rose, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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