The 'Good' and 'Naughty' Guides to Noosa!


I just love Noosa!

I have been meaning to blog my guide to Noosa since our family holidayed there in late December last year for my hubby's 40th Bday.  

As some as you may already know, a lot has happened since then and it has been waylaid!

I was motivated by a friend who leaves tomorrow for a holiday in this gorgeous spot on the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland (lucky so and so, you know who you are!) and so here it goes.



A fabulous health food store/cafe to get yourself to is Organika.  I can't leave when I get there.  Now it's a well known fact I am a health food store junkie and have to trawl the aisles for what my husband refers to as 'a ridiculously long time' in every one I come across.

I believe it has something to do with a) they are my favourite type of shop b) I love all things health c) I have spent a fair bit of time working in them all around Australia!

But this one, I feel like getting out my swag and camp chair and settling in for a week.  Check out the website and if you are ever in Noosa, get there!


My favourite nature spot in Noosa is Tea Tree Bay.  I swear there is something magical and healing about this spot.  

You walk through national park and arrive at a little bay which is almost lagoon like and after the hustle and bustle of the main beach, there is some space to just 'be'.  When my hubby and I were kidless and lived in Brisbane, we spent many Sundays just driving up to have a swim at this spot.  

If I had a bad week at work or things were just going pear shaped for any reason, we would finish the week off at Tea Tree Bay and all would be well again.  

We were lucky enough on this latest holiday of ours to have my mum stay with us for a couple of nights and one early morning, we took off, just thetwo2 of us (leaving kids with nan) and remembered many healing weekends.  

We even had the place to ourselves for about ten minutes but it never gets very crowded anyway. Oh and it is an excellent spot for kiddies, we were just being selfish! In a good way!


Now another great spot to be a voyeur of food is Belmondos Fresh Food Markets.  These guys have everything!

There is an fantastic cafe, a roast your own beans and blend your own coffee station, an amazingly stocked deli, beautiful fresh fruit and veg, gourmet foods and ingredients, cooking equipment, and oh my goodness so much yummy stuff.  

A huge health food section and funky one-off type items like cute garlic containers and cupcake holders and just stuff that I had to physically restrain my own arm not to keep plucking things off shelves.  I did come away with some amazing take away lunch and the cutest gift for my daughter for Christmas.


Now this next spot, I almost have no words for.  For my birthday in November, I received a gift voucher to have my very first day spa experience.  I had to wait 6 weeks to get it on our holiday and it. was. worth. the. wait.  

Noosa Springs was AMAZING.  Now I have nothing to compare it to but let me just give you a quick run down of my time there.

Greeted with freshly squeezed Tahitian lime juice and hot towel as I filled in some details.  Led to change rooms where I was given white robe, slippers and a locker.  Given the tour of the area where I would spend time in the hydrotherapy massage pool (OMG), steam room, infrared sauna (I am such a fan of this, it needs it's own blog later on), and blitz shower.

I had a gorgeous ninety minutes doing all this and then showered, dressed in robe and was met in the relaxation lounge and given a cheese and fruit platter and some bubbly!  

I was then whisked off for my one hour massage in which I woke up from, drool running through the massage table face hole and on to the floor so I'm guessing it was good.  

Then another lady met me and whisked me off to a different room where I had the most decadent one hour facial. Everything that was put on my skin (eight things, I counted!) was edible, I remember the smell of the chocolate and red grape mask to this day.

Right so you all hate me now? But seriously, it was so blissful and I experienced true gratitude that day, I blogged about that feeling here.



So when I say 'naughty' I mean decadent and indulgent!

This is where my 20% comes into play.  My health motto is my 80/20 rule. This is an achievable mindset to help balance your life. If you base 80% of your choices around good health, then you have 20% of time up your sleeve where you can go a little 'off-road' - whatever that means to you.  

I find that extreme measures never work long term with anything and I have a lot more success with my clients achieving long term health with this motto in mind.



This one doesn't need too much explaining.  It's right on the beach, it's called Bistro C, and between 3pm and 5pm, everything they serve is between $3 and $5.  Yep. Cocktails, wine, beer and tapas style dishes.  

We ate scallops, sticky pork ribs, fries and rocket, pear and parmesan salad.  I had two cocktails, one was watermelon, champers and vodka - sublime.  One was called Avenue C and was served in a funky old jam jar.

Just go there please. It is fun and cool.


Then there is this place called Nitrogenie.  It's on the main drag (Hastings Street).  They make ice cream right in front of you! It is very Heston Blumenthal!  

They take cream, eggs, sugar and whatever ingredient you would like to base your ice-cream on and presto! With the help of liquid nitrogen, they mix and freeze it right then and there.  

I had turkish delight and hubby had salty caramel popcorn.  I'm drooling on keyboard at the memory.

So that's my guide to Noosa.  Do you have a fave holiday spot?

Do you have any holidays coming up this year? Would love to hear about where you are off to!


Yours in balance,

Alisha x

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