Best Tips for Hard Days

Hard days.

You know them.

You Have them.

I prefer to use the word 'hard' rather than 'bad' day as even hard days aren't all bad....we are taught resilience and often something good comes out of them - appreciation, a lesson, a new way to do things....

Get Real

I have blogged about this before but I'm doing it again because Real Rocks.

Real to me, is just being open and honest about who you are and what you are.

In return for this luxury, you are no longer allowed to judge, ridicule or gossip about what may or may not be cool, normal or  the 'done' thing by others.

That seems to be on the rise thanks to the internet and social media. It's much easier to judge and ridicule from behind a screen. In my small world alone (health bloggers and healthy facebook pages) there is a heap of crap getting flung about due to people being holier than thou on their 'health' journey.

A Weight off My Mind....

Overweight. Big. Fat. Large. Trying to lose.

Words that I am saying goodbye to and I'm writing this blog today to help you start to as well.

You see, it's these types of words that circle constantly around the brain of people who are over their 'ideal' weight and they cause so much harm.  Negative thinking about how we view ourselves keeps us where we don't want to be.

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