Get Real

I have blogged about this before but I'm doing it again because - Real Rocks.

Real to me, is just being open and honest about who you are and what you are.

In return for this luxury, you are no longer allowed to judge, ridicule or gossip about what may or may not be cool, normal or the 'done' thing by others.

That seems to be on the rise thanks to the internet and social media. It's much easier to judge and ridicule from behind a screen.

In my small world alone (health bloggers and healthy Facebook pages) there is a heap of crap getting flung about due to people being holier than thou on their 'health' journey.

People get confused about what's best for them and I understand that as there is sooooo much information out there now that even I get confused and I'm one of the people writing about what we should be doing!

Holding staunchly onto your beliefs about what will make you healthier, heal you, help you lose weight, get rid of your allergies, clear your skin, heal your gut and whiten your teeth is fine - but don't wear your beliefs like an armour.

Don't use them as a weapon against those who are not on your track.

Just quietly and determinedly go about YOUR health journey.



You know what I think is the healthiest thing of all?


Gratitude heals the heart.

I am grateful for this year as it taught me to be real at a time when it would be much easier to hide and pretend all was rosy.

Blogging has brought this out in me, as I believe that we all need to read about others 'being real' to understand that it's not just 'us' that is having a hard time.

It's not just us that struggles and it's not just us that messes up.

I will always support and have time for real people and frankly my interest in people who only like portraying the rosy side of life is nil.

Whether it's because I am a mum now, whether it's because I have struggled more this year than any other or whether it's because my 36th year was always going to see me get real no matter what I was up to, I'm just glad I have a forum to be real for others.


So here's my REAL list:

I was on anti-depressants this year for 8 months, off them now and proud to have come through. That's okay.

I'm overweight. I'm working on it now and know I will get it off. That's okay.

Sometimes I don't choose health, sometimes I eat things I shouldn't. That's okay.

I yell at my kids even though they are too small to know what they did wrong half the time. That's okay.

My kids watch too much TV some days as I try and get things done. That's okay.

I watch too much TV at night while eating my dinner on the couch because I'm too exhausted to sit at the table and talk to my husband. That won't be forever and guess what? That's okay.

I have a gym membership that is a complete waste of money some weeks because I'm don't get there! That's okay.

My house is always messy even though I get it cleaned by someone else once a week. That's okay.

I shy away from other people's dramas and withdraw my help now because I simply can't fit any more in right now. That's okay.

I don't get along with my family members all the time. I'm a bit outspoken and have a temper and it can cause rifts. That's okay.

I worry about how much I share of myself on my page and blog but I keep going. That's okay.

I am me.


So what I want you guys to take away from reading this blog is that there really is nothing more liberating than getting real.

I don't mean that you should start posting your fights and personal messiness all over Facebook - but talk to people. Tell them how it really is and know that it's okay to do that. Most likely it will help them share as well.

This goes hand in hand with allowing others to be real and keeping them safe while they're at it. Don't judge. Don't ridicule. Be gentle. Watch your kids emulate this, as kids learn from what they see.

Let's not teach our kids to shoot down other's beliefs, opinions, ideals or bravery for being real.

Let's cut the bullshit and the fakeness, it does everyone the world of good.

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I care about people.

I love people.

I want people to see how REAL we all are and how beautiful that is.


Yours in Realness,

 Alisha x

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