Change can be a dirty word for some people, the C word if you will ;)

For me, change definitely isn't easy. It mostly causes me stress.

As much as I love change (afterwards), I am uncomfortable as the change approaches (I can always feel it coming) and as it's happening. I think I am more flustered by change because it means a whole new batch of decisions need to be made.  And man, don't I have enough decisions to make on a daily basis as it is? Generally, I find I have to decide to either let go or hold onto something. And sometimes it is very hard to know what to do.

I know change is inevitable and a positive thing but having faith that everything is working out just as it should is such an art.  I think this is a big part of my life's lesson as I am thrown change so often and I still struggle against it even with so much practice!

My husband knows that change is BIG for me and because he absolutely LOVES and EMBRACES change, he is constantly pulling me into it (often kicking and screaming). Other times he waits until I am away for the weekend and makes the changes to surprise me when I return...just so I don't have to be there during 'the change' which is when I'm most uncomfortable. If it's done and I come home to it (a room in our house moved around, doors taken off, trees removed, a new veggie bed etc.) I (mostly) love it and the whole process has been easier on me as I haven't had to go through the 'decision part' of the change process.

But of course, sometimes I have to. Because there are changes that I need to initiate for my own good or for my family's good and I would rather make them than struggle along knowing things could be better.

It could be moving house.

It could be deciding to change my children's school or where to enrol them for highschool.

It could be deciding on whether to get a new car or just keep the one we have a little bit longer.

It could be deciding on where to go on holidays next.

It could be deciding to change a long held belief system that is doing me more harm than good.

It could be changing the way my business is structured.

It could be changing the way I have done something for so long to see if it works better done another way.

It could be changing my office around.

It could be changing my hairstyle.

It could be changing habits that have formed over a lifetime and no longer serve me.   

phontoThe changes have been coming at me thick and fast over the last month as my birthday approaches.

Some I have initiated and some I have been forced into by outside circumstances and it's almost been a bit too much on this sensitive system of mine.

I was talking to my darling friend Leonie Dawson the other day and she said something that dropped like an anvil in my chest.

I even felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up so I knew what she was saying was a truth I needed to hear.

She basically gave me a reason for all this intense and accelerated change I have been experiencing lately. She told me that as our 'Birth' day approaches (around 40 days before the day comes upon us) the universe throws us all the opportunities it possibly can to get us to decide on what we would like to keep in our lives for the year ahead and what we need to let go of.

It's called the Transformation Cycle.


It made so much sense to me because just in the last month:

I have decided to let go of my old website and get a whole new one. There are so many changes within this one thing I can't even outline or express it all properly...just that it feels like a whole new start again to my business. I feel like I am finally changing out of a dress that may not have fit me very well for the last couple of months but was too adverse to going shopping!

I have had staff leave and new staff come on board.

I have gone through some relationship niggles with my immediate family and worked out what I needed to let go of so these niggles can also go.

I got my first undercut! Lol! I have a lot of hair and having half of it shaved off was amazing!

I got over myself and decided to get some professional photos of myself for the first time since starting my online business. This is something I have been putting off for 'when I feel better about myself' or 'when I have lost some weight' etc. Just bullshit excuses really because I am who I am right now whether it's today, tomorrow or next week and I have to honour myself in all those moments.

Saying that I'm only worthy of being photographed when I am different to how I am at this very minute is so disrespectful to myself. I rock right now. I may rock even more in a year's time at 40 but I rock right now dammit. So I chose to let go of that mean voice and I chose to hold on to my kind voice. 


I hope anyone else that struggles with change is helped by knowing they aren't alone. Or maybe you have a birthday coming up and can consciously select what you would like to keep and what you would like to let go of for the year ahead?

And remember, nothing happens TO us, it happens FOR us so let's be open to what the universe is trying to show us and try not to hang on too tightly to what may be left behind.

Do you struggle with change or are you in my husband's camp?

Yours in Health,

Alisha xxx

Ps. It would be totally remiss of me to not mention the flower essences I use to help me cope with change and even shift some energy to bring some change on when I know it's needed. They are Let it Go, Courage, and Intuition. See if any of these speak to you and help that change feel less harsh or less overdue!

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