Customer Story - Tracey


November 13, 2016

traceyI don’t often write reviews, but after using these little bottles of magic I just have to share! Miss 4 is our amazing, spirited, slightly crazy child and as much as we love her for it, the meltdowns and never sleeping started becoming very exhausting. She would get herself to the point of no return very quickly and her Daddy in particular would cop the scratches, hitting, kicking, spitting and swearing!

These meltdowns could happen multiple times a day and nothing could really stop them once they started!

Getting her to bed was like trying to put a drunk person to bed! Tears, Singing, needed to tell everyone that she loved them repeatedly, needed to tell everyone she hated them when she was put back to bed, needing drink, food etc…. Since receiving our Tantrum Tamer and Sweet dreams pack we have seen our old little girl back! Still our little wild child but not one single meltdown (tantrums when not getting her way from time to time, she is 4 after all) but she has not once gotten yo the point of no return! Sleep time is now a book, cuddle, love everyone and out routine and no longer does she wake multiple times a night! I can’t thank you enough for our bottles of magic and a little bit of sanity.