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testimonialsI have been so thrilled with the blends that I purchased a few weeks ago. The results are amazing. While I feel that they have helped me, I always find that I am susceptible to the placebo effect - if I believe that something will work then I get results. (But who cares, right?! As long as I'm getting the results that I want.) However, the changes in both my daughters when they are using the blends has me totally convinced that they are magical drops!!! I had been having some real problems with my 11 year old's attitude and behaviour - Teenager, Self Love and Focus have become her go-to's and I have seen huge improvements. My 9 year old has trouble concentrating and switching her mind off - so she's been using mostly Focus and Slow Down. I am finding Female, Let It Go, Slow Down and Self Love to be essential steps to getting through the day. I purchased in the week that Self Love was a wonderful free gift (it wasn't on my list of must-haves) - but it is running out fast! And the Purifying Cleanser that I received for free is divine - every time I use it I feel like I'm smearing lemon frosting all over my face! I'm keenly waiting to see what the new blends are as I think I'm ready to place another order very soon. Thank you've help bring a little calm to the chaos!


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