Customer Story - Jane

Hi Alisha, I ordered some of your fussy eaters drops and all I can say is WOW , my 5yr old is eating most things I put in front of him but the biggest change is in my 2&1/2yr old, for the past 10 months he wouldn't eat anything but Vegemite on toast, (and we've tried everything !!) he recently got sick (hospitalised with severe croup) where they also discovered he was anaemic, anyway we have been giving him natural supplements but more importantly started on your drops, and tonight he sat down and ate lamb cutlets, mashed sweet potato/cauliflower, steamed carrots and peas - without any fuss !!! He has also been eating chicken, rice, spaghetti, meatballs, risotto - mealtimes are a pleasure again , thank you so much you have seriously saved my night time sanity !!! - Jane
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