Customer Story - Emily

Hi Alisha, I'd just like to say a big thank you to you for all of your work, your blends, your posts for being so real and down to earth and genuinely wanting to help others by sharing your knowledge. My first purchase from you was a custom blend a couple years ago after I had a baby I just lost myself. It really got me thinking clearly again and helped me to be a better mother, wife, person. Not only that but your advice and quick replies are so helpful, reassuring and motivating. I've since been using a number of your ready made blends and even used the Self Love blend on my daughter who'd always get upset when going out amongst big groups of people. Now I have my second child and you advised me to take the Help drops during labour and can I say they got me through to the end drug free and I had the most amazing birth experience. Thank you for being you and please don't change what you do. xx - Emily
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