Customer Story - Carly


November 17, 2016

Hi Alisha, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you possible. I have been part of your page for ages and loved reading your inspiring messages. This year has been a HUGE one for me .. LOTS of past issues coming up to finally be faced which were devastating and huge, but not huge enough that I can't get through. Big enough, though, to not let me drop the last 30 kg of excess weight I have. My husband who I adore and I are currently separated, and I hit the biggest rock bottom imaginable. And, instead of worry about the money, I bought your Let it Go and Cravings Control mixes. The let it go .. should be bottled in FRIGGIN GOLD!!!!! I cannot believe how much I have been letting things go .. calmer, easier, happier, more ME. So, from the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you. You have seriously and sincerely helped me instigate change that I have so desperately needed. I am looking forward to, in time, getting all of your range and trying them out, Thank you xx