Customer Stories - Kath


November 17, 2016

Pouring with rain here and while that usually makes me frustrated, this morning I took a leaf out of my smallest child's book and decided to lie on the floor next to her to watch the rain falling down upside down. I suddenly had a new appreciation for all that the rain brings me rather than what it stops me from doing. Feeling blessed and contented right now and I suspect that might also be due to the magical personal blend I received 2 days ago - thank you Alisha x. I am feeling a positivity I haven't felt in nearly 5 years and I have already started to let the guilt go - actually breathed through my husband packing the dishwasher this morning when I would normally crankily stop whatever else I was doing to send him out of the kitchen sighing 'I will do it' while feeling like a failure because I hadn't kept all the jobs up to date and 'needed help'. Let’s hope the healing has begun :))) - Kath