A business like mine runs on word of mouth and I am incredibly grateful to have so many amazing people spread the word about how my flower essence blends are helping themselves and their family members. Which is why I now like to give blends away to my favourites each month!

You can review your products in my website shop (just click into the product you’d like to rate and scroll down to review) or you can send photos and/or testimonials to reviews@naughtynaturopathmum.com.au or post them on my social media platforms like facebook and instagram. Make sure you tag me so I see them to be in the running!

Customer Story - Karen

Hi Alisha, A little while ago I contacted you with regards to my 10 yr old coeliac son who had trouble focusing in class, not sleeping well & was generally distracted. I ordered the focus and slow down blend and immediately started to notice a difference. Yesterday, in our third week of using the blends, he received his first achievement award at school this year for 'striving to display more attentive and focused behaviour'. I had not advised the school we were using the blends so this is an achievement with no bias. I am grateful for the changes these blends have made in my little mans life. THANK YOU!! Karen

Customer Story - Jane

Hi Alisha, I ordered some of your fussy eaters drops and all I can say is WOW , my 5yr old is eating most things I put in front of him but the biggest change is in my 2&1/2yr old, for the past 10 months he wouldn't eat anything but Vegemite on toast, (and we've tried everything !!) he recently got sick (hospitalised with severe croup) where they also discovered he was anaemic, anyway we have been giving him natural supplements but more importantly started on your drops, and tonight he sat down and ate lamb cutlets, mashed sweet potato/cauliflower, steamed carrots and peas - without any fuss !!! He has also been eating chicken, rice, spaghetti, meatballs, risotto - mealtimes are a pleasure again , thank you so much you have seriously saved my night time sanity !!! - Jane

Customer Story - Jennie

Hi Alisha, I just wanted to say thank you for my personal blend. I have been taking it for about a week now and I have noticed such a big difference within myself. I feel so much lighter, like I have been able to let go of things that I didn't know I was holding back. I have also noticed a big difference in my weight loss journey, especially the way I am responding to diet and exercise. I deliberately put the weight on when I was a teenager as a defence mechanism, and I have been working on losing it for a while now. It is amazing how quickly my outlook has changed, the path forward seems like it has become a little easier. I am finally looking into working towards things I have always wanted to do, but have been holding back. I cannot thank you enough for this. Thank you, Jennie

Customer Story - Rebecca

As I read somewhere, I noticed the difference when we ran out of drops! I can’t believe the difference you have made, I truly appreciate your help and have been singing your praises! Looking forward to receiving the drops – as is Henry, I am amazed that every morning and night he remembers before I do that he needs to take his drops and is keen to take them, it just shows me you got the vibration just right. Thanks again We eagerly await the post, you have changed my world! - Rebecca

Customer Stories - Kath

Pouring with rain here and while that usually makes me frustrated, this morning I took a leaf out of my smallest child's book and decided to lie on the floor next to her to watch the rain falling down upside down. I suddenly had a new appreciation for all that the rain brings me rather than what it stops me from doing. Feeling blessed and contented right now and I suspect that might also be due to the magical personal blend I received 2 days ago - thank you Alisha x. I am feeling a positivity I haven't felt in nearly 5 years and I have already started to let the guilt go - actually breathed through my husband packing the dishwasher this morning when I would normally crankily stop whatever else I was doing to send him out of the kitchen sighing 'I will do it' while feeling like a failure because I hadn't kept all the jobs up to date and 'needed help'. Let’s hope the healing has begun :))) - Kath

Customer Story - Joanne

Thankyou so much for my little magic potion! I was such a skeptic before and was certain that if your little drops worked then it would have to be a placebo.... Well, a couple of weeks in and I am stoked with the results!! I feel like I have my head on straight for the first time in years. I have been able to get things done without feeling overwhelmed by a huge list of things to do and  I have been able to focus on a single task and get it done. I have gotten jobs done that have been waiting for years, I feel like I am nesting but (thank God) not pregnant  So, if your essences are in fact a placebo, at least now I have regained the ability to laugh at myself and have a little giggle that I fell for the placebo!  Thanks! I have been, and will be, recommending your drops to my friends - Joanne

Customer Story - Emma

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you Miss 4 yr old is quite shy and overwhelmed by crowds. This is her 2nd term of a ballet and what a difference after having the Self Love drops. She is joining in the class, whirling and twirling with a big smile on her face. First term she sat by my side the whole time and said she only wanted to dance at home. It's a joy to see her with some confidence and having fun. Your Slow Down drops are great for bedtime and also assist me when things get hectic xx - Emma

Customer Story - Cindy

Just letting you know the slow down and help blends have been amazing can't believe the difference it has made. And the biggest achievement was after 10 weeks of getting my son to swimming gave him some help drops before going and tonight he swam. I wish I knew about you years ago. I highly recommend you to everyone. One very happy mum! - Cindy

Customer Story - Gail

My son is taking the slow down blend and he told me 'I feel less worries Mum' You are amazing. So I recently received my second order, which was mainly for the kids. Well haven't I noticed a difference when they don't take them! Today was a little hectic, and our drops were forgotten. Oh my goodness didn't I pay for it. So much so even my friends noticed! I'm convinced now. You are not amazing you are a miracle worker!! - Gail (again!)

Customer Story - Jenny

Hi Alisha, Just a quick note to say thank you for Maddie's personal blend. The past week has seem such a turn around at bedtime. Normally bedtime would be the biggest struggle and it wasn't unusual for her to be awake at 10pm. The past week she has been asleep about 15 mins after getting into bed!! For the first time in a long time my husband and I sat on the couch and watched a movie uninterrupted!! And the best bit is she is remembering to take her drops herself. She was given a blend from a different naturopath but it smelt awful and she refused to drink it but this one she enjoys and is happy to take.  The change in her has been amazing. She's happier, I'm happier and we're fighting less in the mornings too because she's not tired. So thank you! - Jenny

Customer Story - Emily

Hi Alisha, I'd just like to say a big thank you to you for all of your work, your blends, your posts for being so real and down to earth and genuinely wanting to help others by sharing your knowledge. My first purchase from you was a custom blend a couple years ago after I had a baby I just lost myself. It really got me thinking clearly again and helped me to be a better mother, wife, person. Not only that but your advice and quick replies are so helpful, reassuring and motivating. I've since been using a number of your ready made blends and even used the Self Love blend on my daughter who'd always get upset when going out amongst big groups of people. Now I have my second child and you advised me to take the Help drops during labour and can I say they got me through to the end drug free and I had the most amazing birth experience. Thank you for being you and please don't change what you do. xx - Emily

Customer Story - Carly

Hi Alisha, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you possible. I have been part of your page for ages and loved reading your inspiring messages. This year has been a HUGE one for me .. LOTS of past issues coming up to finally be faced which were devastating and huge, but not huge enough that I can't get through. Big enough, though, to not let me drop the last 30 kg of excess weight I have. My husband who I adore and I are currently separated, and I hit the biggest rock bottom imaginable. And, instead of worry about the money, I bought your Let it Go and Cravings Control mixes. The let it go .. should be bottled in FRIGGIN GOLD!!!!! I cannot believe how much I have been letting things go .. calmer, easier, happier, more ME. So, from the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you. You have seriously and sincerely helped me instigate change that I have so desperately needed. I am looking forward to, in time, getting all of your range and trying them out, Thank you xx

Customer Story - Emma

Hi Alisha, I'm so happy to say that I can already feel the vibe with Mumma Magic! I'm taking her morning & night, and Self-Love when I feel the 'need' (only two or three times, so far), and in the evenings, especially, I'm feeling such amazing clarity, self-acceptance & the general notion that all is well with the world! It is blissful. Thanks again  :)

Customer Story - Bernadette

My son, Charlie, 7, is a very clever boy but has always struggled to stay focused at school. When I read his half year school report I was so disappointed with his grades because I knew they did not reflect his ability at all. I knew I had to do something. Then I saw that Alisha was running a sale on the Back to School pack, I thought why not give this a try. I only wish now that I had done this ages ago - within a week of using the blends Charlie got a merit certificate for 'showing great improvement in completing set tasks'.  And since then he has received other class room rewards for his work. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx

Customer Story - Lisa

Wow what a difference our lives are now with Alisha's awesome help! So glad I found you and your awesome blend.

Customer Story – Monique

I had read so many rave reviews about Alisha’s drops but had never tried them myself. After one particularly difficult day with my kids I jumped online and ordered the Mamma Magic blend. I cannot even begin to describe how well this blend has worked! As a clinical psychologist, who was initially a little sceptical, I am amazed at what these essences can do. I have been a much calmer mother since I started using the drops. Hardly any shouting at the kids anymore. I am much calmer and little things don’t seem to have the same impact that they used to! I can’t thank you enough Alisha!

Customer Story - Tracey

traceyI don’t often write reviews, but after using these little bottles of magic I just have to share! Miss 4 is our amazing, spirited, slightly crazy child and as much as we love her for it, the meltdowns and never sleeping started becoming very exhausting. She would get herself to the point of no return very quickly and her Daddy in particular would cop the scratches, hitting, kicking, spitting and swearing!

These meltdowns could happen multiple times a day and nothing could really stop them once they started!

Getting her to bed was like trying to put a drunk person to bed! Tears, Singing, needed to tell everyone that she loved them repeatedly, needed to tell everyone she hated them when she was put back to bed, needing drink, food etc…. Since receiving our Tantrum Tamer and Sweet dreams pack we have seen our old little girl back! Still our little wild child but not one single meltdown (tantrums when not getting her way from time to time, she is 4 after all) but she has not once gotten yo the point of no return! Sleep time is now a book, cuddle, love everyone and out routine and no longer does she wake multiple times a night! I can’t thank you enough for our bottles of magic and a little bit of sanity.

Customer Story - Lisa

Alisha’s Mumma Magic blend is the reason I don’t reach for a glass of wine at midday! It has saved me on so many occasions and is one of my favourite tools to surviving this crazy ride of motherhood. I have actually seen my husband take a few sneaky drops too because he’s heard me rave so much about it! Thank you Alisha - I’m so glad I tried it and wouldn’t be without it!

Customer Story - Amber

My lifesavers just arrived in the mail today. Mr 2.5 woke up from his nap too early, resulting in a cranky mood, so the Tantrum Tamer couldn't have come at a better time. I gave it to him straight away and no joke not one tantrum. By now he would've been easily upset by anything and everything. Instead he's calm, happy and playful (these are his blocks we're building a castle with)... it's some kind of miracle. Can't wait to try Slow Down before bed. Thank you Naughty Naturopath Mum!


Customer Story - Nicci

testimonialsI have been so thrilled with the blends that I purchased a few weeks ago. The results are amazing. While I feel that they have helped me, I always find that I am susceptible to the placebo effect - if I believe that something will work then I get results. (But who cares, right?! As long as I'm getting the results that I want.) However, the changes in both my daughters when they are using the blends has me totally convinced that they are magical drops!!! I had been having some real problems with my 11 year old's attitude and behaviour - Teenager, Self Love and Focus have become her go-to's and I have seen huge improvements. My 9 year old has trouble concentrating and switching her mind off - so she's been using mostly Focus and Slow Down. I am finding Female, Let It Go, Slow Down and Self Love to be essential steps to getting through the day. I purchased in the week that Self Love was a wonderful free gift (it wasn't on my list of must-haves) - but it is running out fast! And the Purifying Cleanser that I received for free is divine - every time I use it I feel like I'm smearing lemon frosting all over my face! I'm keenly waiting to see what the new blends are as I think I'm ready to place another order very soon. Thank you Alisha...you've help bring a little calm to the chaos!


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