Easy Veggie Fritters

Naughty Naturopath Dad is quite a good cook and even though he doesn't get to cook as much as he'd like due to the time he gets home at night, on the weekends he loves to get in the kitchen and whip up some of his favourites and also do some experimenting! These fritters were one of his quick creations and even though they are mega simple, I thought I'd share because who doesn't love simple and delicious? Plus veggie fritters can be a snack or eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Broccoli Bowls!

I am blogging this recipe (finally) after previously thinking it was just too simple (I just threw it together one day and it's become a frequent repeat). But I message so many people this recipe when it's asked for that I figure it warrants it's own blog now!  It's one of my most photographed meals on Instagram because I eat it for lunch almost every week and have even been known to eat it a few times in a week! It would also be a great dinner or breakfast dish too but it's become a lunch habit for me so I keep it in that time slot! Broccoli is the star and even though pretty much all the other ingredients can be substituted, broccoli has to be the mainstay. It's the star so keep it in!

Silica Salad with Creamy Avo Dressing

I love a good salad for so many reasons –

1) They taste amazing

2) They are so versatile

3) They are a great way to pack in raw food, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals

4) They don’t require cooking!

5) You can throw them together in an instant.

So I would like to debate the following popular phrase…… you don't make friends with salad!

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