Gluten Free Cheese and Bacon Muffins

Back to school time always has me wanting to come up with new ideas for the lunchbox. I came up with with this recipe based on trying to replicate the gluten free cheese and bacon rolls that we buy on the weekend from our local bakery. My kids love them so...

Broccoli Bowls!

I am blogging this recipe (finally) after previously thinking it was just too simple (I just threw it together one day and it's become a frequent repeat). But I message so many people this recipe when it's asked for that I figure it warrants it's own blog now!  It's one of...

Paleo San Choy Bow

I have been very blessed to have eaten my fair share of good Chinese food as my step mum is half Chinese and also a chef. Yes, say no more! Whenever I make it down the coast for Chinese New Year, we get an absolute feast!  So I’d like to share a very...

Too Easy Chicken Curry

I call this dish 'Too Easy Chicken Curry' because the easy peasy factor of this recipe is almost funny. But that won't cost you taste... it's extremely tasty! And the fact that it is sugar free, dairy free and gluten free, you will definitely want to choose this recipe every time you...

Healthy Handful Salad

Sometimes I quickly post an easy recipe on my facebook page that doesn't require much typing (instead of blogging it) but this one was shared so many times and I thought it best to pop it in a blog so I have it as a link for people to refer...

Silica Salad with Creamy Avo Dressing

I love a good salad for so many reasons – They taste amazing They are so versatile They are a great way to pack in raw food, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals They don’t require cooking! You can throw them together in an instant.   So I would like to...
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