Crispy Chocolate Bark

This is such a simple recipe but it really is worth having on hand for when your sweet tooth hits as it can be made quickly!

It also gives you some lovely crunchy protein and good fats so you can tell yourself, it's not ALL about the chocolate... ;)

Easiest 'Intolerant Friendly' Cupcakes Ever!

My little man turned 5 this week and while we didn't have a big party for him, we did have a few of his mates around for an afternoon tea after school and there had to be a Birthday cake of course! One of his mates is anaphylactic to nuts and eggs and as my two kids are gluten free, guess what most of my cake recipes are based on... you guessed it nuts and eggs!

No-Bake Healthy Chocolate Fudge

I have made this recipe waaaaay too many times to get it just the way I like my fudge. So please know that this recipe comes with a lot of experimentation and a bit too much taste testing ;)

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