Homemade Coconut Yoghurt

Homemade Coconut Yoghurt!

The lovely Leah Pepper from Whole Green Pepper sent this recipe in to me and I put it on my facebook page and oh my goodness! What a response!

I started making it straight away to see how it would work and in 24 hours, I had an amazing, delicious and much cheaper coconut yoghurt in my fridge -

Directions are simply this:

"whisk about 4 heaped tablespoons of coconut yoghurt with 2 cans of coconut cream in a very clean/sterilised glass bowl, then you just put a tea towel over it and let it sit on the bench for about 24hrs ... bottle it, fridge it and that is it !!!! so easy"

Did you ever think it would be that easy?  


coconutyoghurt (1)

Well it was for me - My first batch turned out brilliantly and also for many others.  Of course there will be less success in areas that aren't as temperate as Brisbane (where I live) at the moment so after quite a few more posts, this is the extra info I have gleaned along the way from all my lovely likers who experimented with this also so here we have.......


A more In-depth explanation!

In a sterilised glass bowl (I just run boiling water over it) add 2 cans of Spiral Organic coconut cream I recommend using this brand as I know it is in a BPA free can and has nothing else added except a little organic guargum (less than 0.5%)  Spiral is available from healthfood stores, some supermarkets and online organic shopping sites like Organics on a Budget. 


Please always buy full fat coconut cream.  I never buy coconut milk as you are basically paying for the company to add water to the coconut cream! So if you ever need coconut milk for other recipes - just buy the cream and add your own water to thin it a little - you will have more for less money

To the coconut cream - add 4 tblspns of coconut yoghurt, this is called your 'starter'.

***I know it sounds funny to make coconut yoghurt from another coconut yoghurt but this is a super simple way of doing it if you want to stretch your bought coconut yoghurt further because let's face it, it 'aint cheap! The ones I have tried with and work well are CoYo and Pure Veda - these are available from the healthfood store. Making coconut yoghurt can be tricky and this recipe is the MOST basic I have come across (and it works for me!) but if wanting to make from scratch, check out this blog from Alexx Stuart HERE 

Add 1-2 teaspoons of sweetener such as maple syrup or coconut sugar - I have used both and they worked well and gave it a slight sweetness and also provide the good bacteria with some extra food 🙂

Whisk together and leave in a warm spot on the kitchen bench covered with a tea towel for 24 - 36 hours.

If it is cold where you live or you haven't had success with the glass bowl method try using a glass container with a lid (like pyrex or decor) so you can wrap your yoghurt-to-be in a towel and put in a small esky with another container filled with boiling water. Pop the lid on and this will create a nice warm environment for that yoghurt to culture!  





Can I start it off with a dairy yoghurt? 

Some people have tried this with success and others haven't been so lucky. I personally have not tried it so I can't answer this with experience and just be aware that it then won't be 100% dairy free! As coconut yoghurt making can be quite a finicky business, I would try and source some coconut yoghurt!


It is still a bit runny? Did it work?

If you followed directions and it has thickened quite a bit but not to the normal thickness of yoghurt you are used to, yes, it has still worked! It is never going to be a thick set yoghurt which generally requires a thickening or setting agent like cornflour or gelatin. I have been known to leave it out for up to 48 hours and it is still a bit runny when it goes in the fridge. After a few hours of being in the fridge it has thickened nicely!


How can I use it?

My favourite ways of using this yoghurt are -

In smoothies

To top your granola or muesli with (with a splash of coconut water also! Mmmmm!)

Use it instead of cream with your yummy healthy desserts

Whizz in a blender or thermie with some fresh fruits and eat as is or freeze in moulds and make 'ice-cream'


Why coconut?

This is a fabulous cream to replace dairy and soy milk especially for making yoghurt as nut milks are pretty impossible to make into a yoghurt!!


Do I just Keep Using the homemade coconut yoghurt to make the next batch?

Yes, as long as you make it every 5-7 days to keep feeding the bacteria.  If it starts to become less effective, or tasting a bit sour for your likes simply start with a new bought yoghurt!


Why is cultured food so important?

Fermenting and culturing foods with good bacteria helps repair our gut lining, increases our digestion and immunity and increases the absorption of nutrients from our foods.  We already have bacteria in our gut but adding to that in the way of good bacteria helps propagate our bodies own levels and keeps things balanced.

Eating cultured foods is essential for everyone, children and adults alike, to decrease food intolerance, increase immunity and keep the gut wall protected from leaky gut syndrome which then leads to inflammation and autoimmune diseases.


To read more about how important bacteria is for our gut and overall health, please read my blog here Gut Health - Heal Your Gut

Would love to hear from you if you have had success with this recipe or found another coconut yoghurt recipe that you'd like to share!


Yours in Health,


Alisha x

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