Getting Lost, Getting Back on Track and Finding My 'Why'

Recently I was asked a question at a blogging conference which has turned out to be the most important question I have been asked all year.

It was ‘What is Your WHY?’ as in what is my ‘why’ or purpose when it comes to blogging.

I have thought and thought on it and on my morning walk today, it came to me.

'My Why' is to support YOU.

That might sound vague and simplistic but it's truly not.  

What I know is this: I have the knowledge, platform and writing skills to discuss topics of physical health, emotional health, child rearing, being a healer, being broken, being mended, motivation, inspiration and being real with my human-ness.

I also know I'm a helper and I LOVE to help. I have always been a helper growing up, within my family and friendship circles, in my chosen profession and now my new platform here online.

Have you heard of the saying 'be aware of the advice you give, as it's also the advice you need to hear'?

I am constantly aware of this. Everything I give out, needs also to come back to me.

So yes, my 'WHY' is to support you and in doing so I am supporting myself. So thankyou.

As I said, I came to this conclusion this morning and what a morning it was. The lessons came in thick and fast. It was like I woke up in a big old metaphor and now I want to share it as it may 'help' you. I will format writing about my morning into categories like this - thought/action/lesson.

I guess you will be most helped by the lesson category if you want to just read those bits? Although we all know that the info that gets us to the lesson is the most relatable part of all.  


My Morning of Metaphors and Lessons


Thought One: Why am I still overweight? Why does it bother me? Why am I steadfastly hanging onto this issue?

Action: I did some reading and further pondering and even pulled some Insight cards. I was shown signs for spreading your message, accepting what is and keep going.

Lesson: I keep getting shown that as uncomfortable as I am with my weight, it is there.

It needs to be there or it wouldn't be. It's as simple as that.

And while it is there I need to learn from it. It's not the weight that is the issue, it's only there to create a focus on what I need to do to learn about myself and to grow.

I believe there are so many of us that have trouble asking for help and so our physical body eventually asks for us.

It might get sick, it might get underweight, it might get overweight, it might show rashes and blotches on the skin.

It's being the voice for us when our other voice is just not piping up.

For me, it's been about struggling with trauma, motherhood and losing who I once was. For someone who liked to control and steer their life, this has been hard and I'm still working out how to look after myself properly and nourish and give myself everything I need in this new stage of my life.

That is why I am trying my very best to help others (you!) do this at the same time.


Thought Two:  I wanted to walk.

Action: I texted my walking partner to see if she was up for a walk, but she was in client meetings all day and couldn't make it. I got the kids ready for daycare dressed as book characters (for Book Week) and said my goodbyes to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and to a random pirate from Peter Pan and went off to do my walk.

Lesson: I really was supposed to be alone on this walk today (as you will read). Saying goodbye in pirate speak is a little difficult.  


**A quick explanation about my walk is needed now before my next thought/action/lesson

My walk is very cherished and done often (at least three times a week, often more, and I've been doing it for the last three years).

This walk is near my house and it's through bushland called the Seven Hills Bushland Reserve. I'm only eight kilometres from the city centre of Brisbane and when I moved to this house three years ago, I couldn't believe my luck at having this nearby.

I have made use of this walk a lot.

It got me through dark days during my postnatal depression. It has helped me clear my head so many times and it has helped me create so much content for my work (I think a lot while I walk).

This walk also introduced bush walking to my little kids, which they have loved ever since. This walk has many many tracks joining it from many different access points and it's not really signed very well so you really have to know where you are going.

I do a four kilometre circuit with many twists and turns, up hills and down hills and even across bridges! My walking partners often joke that if they weren't with me, they would most definitely get lost! Recently there have been signs of closures on some of the tracks but (in my very typical fashion) I have ignored them and there has never been anything blocking my way and it's all been fine....until....  


Thought Three: Halfway through my walk I reach a clearing and see blackened grass and trees. Oh! They have been burning the bushland! That must be why they have had signs up, as they have been doing controlled burns for bush regeneration.

Action:  I continued walking but it had got me thinking about the parallels between 'burning' and 'regeneration'

Lesson: Just like the bush can be brought back to life, greener and stronger after being consumed by fire, so can we... metaphorically speaking.

Lately, I had been getting so annoyed by the amount of illness the kids and I had been through this winter and had been talking about it to my energy healer.

She describes sickness and infections as 'burning off the dross'. Sometimes we need to get fevers, snotty noses, coughs and 'burning' in our ears, tonsils and whatever else, to burn off and expel old stagnant energy and make way for the new energy coming our way.

As frustrating as our downtime can be sometimes, it's all happening for a reason. So the next time your body appears to be failing you, don't forget that it might just be time for you to burn off the dross.


Thought Four:  I think I'm lost. How could I be lost? I have walked this track hundreds of times. Where am I? Why do the paths look all different? Which way do I go next? This way or that way?  

new track  

Action: The paths were all different as not only had there been burning going on but there had been big old trucks widening and smoothing the tracks making everything appear completely different. Where there had once been narrow rocky paths, there were now wide flattened paths and I was completely disorientated.

Did I calmly retrace my steps? No. I. Did. Not. I felt frustrated and sad and angry and bewildered. So I ran.

I ran. I ran and I ran. I ran so hard and fast that I started to cry and then I yelled and then I cried some more because I just needed to let it out.

I just needed my voice back. I needed to let out all the crap I had been holding in just to cope with the last few months. I didn't care where I was running to and where I would end up.

I just ran.

I ran until my bra strap broke and then I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. Because who breaks a bra strap while they are running? Me. 🙂

Lesson: We have to allow the signs that the universe sends to us to be our guide. We need to stop trying to control things and follow the path willingly and happily. This path will keep changing because life is always changing and if you are giving yourself a hard time about who you were or what you think you were five minutes ago, that's just not being very fair.

All that matters is who you are in this very moment and whether you are doing your best in this moment and are prepared to just keep getting back on track. And always, always laugh at yourself because the moment this all becomes too serious is the moment you will stop having fun in life.  

broken bra

me and my broken bra strap!


I truly hope you got something out of reading this just as I got something out of writing it and I really want to thank you for being here and allowing me to support you (and me) in whatever way I can.

Thanks for being my why.


Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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