Five Ways To Spring Clean Your Soul

Spring is a season that seems to always help us start a new chapter. When the weather warms up and we see some of those flowers and green shoots start to spring up, it does help us shake off some cobwebs that Winter may have left. I love working with the seasons both physically and emotionally and while I have a blog for physical cleansing which you can read HERE, I thought I also needed to write a blog on the emotional aspect of cleansing which is really even more important!

So below I have listed 5 ways to help us do an internal Spring Clean or as I like to call it, a Spring Clean for Your Soul! Internal Spring cleaning is all about letting go of what you no longer need to create more of a what you do need for your next chapter. We are constantly in a state of emotional growth and so our needs and emotional state need to be met again and again. Just because something was working for you last year, doesn't mean that those same things will work for you this year! So it makes sense to reevaluate what we are uselessly holding onto at least once a year doesn't it? So are you ready to let go and spring clean your soul? Yes you are! It feels so good! Let's go!

1. Our physical space has such a large effect on our emotional headspace. It really is true that the more clutter we have around us, the more cluttered our mind will feel and more overwhelm and anxiety is created. Start with the area you are in most. Is it your office or your bedroom or maybe your kitchen? Grab 2 bags (one to fill with rubbish and one to fill for charity or selling) and start sorting through this area section by section, drawer by drawer. Be ruthless. Anything you haven't used in 12 months, really needs to be gone because it's just taking up space. You can use the very popular Marie Kondo method of picking each thing up and if it doesn't bring you joy, it needs to be gone. Move on to another room until you have done your whole home and work space. This can take you a day, a weekend or a whole month if need be but keep working away on it. The feeling of lightness and freedom you will have after this exercise is done is absolutely incredible.

2. Our digital space is another area that gets way too cluttered which again adds to our overwhelm and anxiety. So let's look at these areas:

  • Go through your inbox and delete any e-mails that are sitting there with no purpose. If something is really important, it will come back to your inbox like magic, trust me. So just delete away! It also helps to unsubscribe to any companies that are sending you things that you don't want to hear about so do some unsubscribing as well before deleting.
  • Go through your phone and delete any apps that you no longer use and even consider taking apps away that you know aren't helpful for your soul's health. You can also set yourself screen time limits on all your devices and set limits on the amount of time you are using certain apps so do that as well.
  • If you are a social media user, go through and delete anyone you are following that doesn't make you feel happy or lift you up. We have enough in our world that can tax our energy and we certainly don't need to be letting this into our mind space by choose to unfollow!

3. Our relationships and friendships are also something that can be culled from time to time. And not in a ruthless way but in a 'I'm taking care of my emotional needs first' kind of way. Do you have a relationship that feels like it drains you or you only still interact in it out of habit or guilt? Well it's much kinder to all parties to start pulling back from these relationships. It might be a slow process with some people or it can be like a rip the bandaid off with others that you aren't as close with. Either way, I think it serves them as well to realise that you are no longer as invested in an exchange of energy with them anymore. Some relationships do have an expiry date because they were there for a reason and a season and were never meant to be life long. You may have grown emotionally past what they can offer you at this point. And don't worry! If they are supposed to be in your life again, they definitely will appear again when they or you have grown even more. We need to keep aligning ourselves with who we are NOW. And Marie Kondo this as well! Does this relationship give you joy? Then it needs some work or it needs to be set free.

4. Emotional Dumping is so important when it comes to spring cleaning your soul and there are many ways we can do this.

  • If you already have a therapist, counsellor or psychologist to talk to, book in a session and talk about what's been bothering you lately. If you don't already have this organised and it interests you (I highly recommend working through our emotions with a professional - I do once a fortnight!) then go about finding yourself one. Almost all talk therapists offer phone consults these days if you can't get to one in person. Ask around for a recommendation if you can as I think a referral is the best place to start.
  • Another way we can do some emotional dumping is writing it all down. Keep a journal and aim to write in it daily. It's amazing how much better you will feel after writing things down. 
  • And talk to your partner or your bestie especially if there are things that need to be cleared up and said. This is all part of uncluttering your soul and will be a big help. It's ALWAYS better out than in!

5. You can't do something with the emotional body and not see an effect on the physical body and vice versa. This is because they really are one and the same but we can just come at them from different angles. So emotional cleansing often leads to physical cleansing and this is an added bonus. If all this lightness and freedom makes you want to move this cleansing into the physical angle, please read my Should I Do a Cleanse? blog HERE

And once you've done any cleansing, whether it be from the emotional or the physical angle, make sure you reward yourself! You will now feel like you have so much more space so really be mindful of what you choose to allow into this freshly cleaned space!

  • Start to gravitate towards what makes you feel better (activities and friendships that make you happy, foods that make you feel good!)
  • Make choices based on what you think deserves to take up your time and energy as this will be more important now you have put the work in. Not taking your time to think about what you REALLY want and need is like walking muddy feet across a freshly washed floor.
  • Add in as much good stuff as you can because you will think, speak and behave based on what is going on inside of you which is a whole new vibration after you have done some spring cleaning so let's keep it feeling clear and shiny.
  • If you need some help when it comes to deciding what is allowed in, take your shoes off, go stand on a patch of grass and close your eyes. What is it that you really want? How can you make it happen? What brings you joy and how can you do more of that?

And as you might need a bit of help and emotional support while you cleanse, there are some flower essence blends to do exactly that. Every Spring I bring out my limited edition Spring Cleanse Pack which support the emotions when it comes to emotional and physical cleansing and help uplift and motivate you while you are at it. Please see this special pack HERE which is currently discounted!

So I hope this helps you feel excited about doing some Spring Cleaning of the Soul and just pick one area to start and go from there. You might be surprised how starting in one area will have a domino effect into another area and soon you will feel 100% better.

Yours in Health,


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