My Favourite Protein Powder

When this protein powder was finally released by the very clever people at Nutra Organics  I was so happy as FINALLY I had a protein powder that I could happily take myself as well as have something to recommend to people as I am asked for recommendations of protein powder A LOT.

Since my days from working in healthfood stores, I have sold protein powders but always with a niggle in the back of my mind. They never seemed to have health in mind when it came to the ingredients and even though the formulas would contain the correct protein/carb/fat ratio's there was always a compromise.

They were either based on whey, soy or rice and pea protein powders.


Whey powders had the highest ratio of protein and also tasted the best but the source of this protein? Iffy. The digestion and assimilation of whey by most people is not so great and in this very stripped down form (usually an isolate or concentrate),whey is known to sit undigested in many people's bowels, lining their intestines and colons.


Soy was another option, but again, soy? Really? We should not be eating that in any unfermented form and definitely not in these powders.


Rice and Pea proteins were the best option in my opinion but the protein ratio's weren't as good and the taste and texture? It was like trying to drink earthy chalk.

Plus, every protein powder I looked at and sold was filled with other ingredients that were not good for our bodies. Whether it was artificial sweeteners, forms of synthetic vitamins and minerals or other nutrient void fillers, I just never felt comfortable calling this stuff food.


And if it's not food, it shouldn't be going in your mouth.

So when I was sent the formulation for thriving protein powder, I shook my head in amazement as someone had finally got it right. Now it was all up to the taste to see if that was the compromise.

It wasn't.

All three flavours - Exotic Vanilla, Cacao Choc and Coconut Choc were amazing. I was sold.

Let me explain why this stuff is more than a protein powder -

Firstly it is in it's (powdered) whole food form. Nothing is stripped back to a component rendering it incomplete or not digested well by the body.

It is made up of RAW  bio-fermented living ingredients to deliver an easily digested blend.

It contains no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no sugar, no corn, no nuts and no GMO products and so everyone can 'thrive' on  this type of formulation.

Then there is the gut health factor. The base of Thriving Protein is certified organic, sprouted and fermented to ensure a live enzyme component which further serves gut health. So this is a great way to incorporate another fermented food into your diet which I can not urge you to do enough. I talk about the importance of fermented foods and gut health in my gut health series.

Thriving Protein powder also contains ingredients like chia, red algae, high Vit D mushroom powder and herbs to support immunity.

So they fit all that in and made it taste sensational with all natural flavours from coconut, cacao and the vanilla bean. Amazing. AND it's been formulated with the whole family in mind and can be taken from 12 months old!  

Thriving Protein   

Why take a Protein Powder? Why not just eat real food?

As a whole food enthusiast, I wanted to address this.  There are many reasons why I like having this option in my life and I thought I would list them so you understand when it might be a good idea to use a protein powder. These are the times I use it and when I advise my clients to have it handy.


Busy Lives

Alas, in this day and age, we are very busy folk and sometimes a protein shake or smoothie is an excellent option for a rushed meal. You can mix with coconut milk, rice or nut milk and add fruit, yoghurt and coconut oil or just mix with coconut water (my favourite brand is Natural Raw C) and have it on it's own. Either way it is delicious and you have a good ratio of protein, carbs and fat in your liquid meal. So much better than going without breakfast or lunch.


Digestive Issues

Unfortunately this one is becoming more and more common and people on diets to help rest the gut for a while do very well on soups, broths and protein powders. This is because the amino acids and nutrients are already in liquid form so when they hit our digestive system there isn't much work needed by the body to break down and digest the nutrition from the food. The macro and micronutrients are assimilated and digested immediately and with ease.



When people who are on the go or travel for work or perhaps even have a hospital stay and have certain food requirements or time restrictions, it is an excellent idea to have something like this on hand. It is compact food that does not need refrigeration or cooking and is easy to whack in your bag.  So much better than vending machines or takeaway options.


Fussy Kids

I have NEVER recommended protein powders for kids until now. This is the first formula I am comfortable giving to my 2 toddlers and so I can now point frazzled parents of picky eaters in this direction too. Let's face it, the toddler years and even beyond can be a trying time to get adequate nutrition into our little ones at each meal. I like to give my kids smoothies for breakfast or after dinner as their night time drink and I add things like baby spinach, coconut oil, chia seeds, probiotic powder and whatever else I can do to increase their nutrient intake and now I'm adding in some protein powder as well.


Increase Protein in your snacks!

This is a great powder to add to recipes to increase the protein in what would usually be more of a carbohydrate based snack. Add it to your biscuits, pikelets, pancakes, smoothies, smoothie ice-blocks, bliss balls, raw cheesecakes, make your own protein bars and whatever else you can think of and you have a brand new flavour and more protein in your recipes! My fave way to use is it is still in this recipe here - Chocolate Smoothie/Pudding!

  thrive collage   


Why is Protein So Important?

After water, guess what the next main component of our bodies is made up of? You guessed it! Protein.

A protein molecule is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids which basically run every signal and function in our body. Without protein, we do not have the means for our cells to communicate, turn on hormone switches and turn them back off again or build the very foundation of all cells in our body. Our metabolism depends on adequate protein and it also keeps our blood sugar levels stable. That is why it is recommended that protein be consumed at every meal as not only will it keep your blood sugars more stable but you will not be hungry for more food an hour after eating! Factor in that protein is needed for growth (so very important for kids) and repair of our bodies (so very important for everyone!) then protein is an essential area to cover when looking at diet.


Edit: Since this post was first written, Nutra Organics have also released their Clean Protein range which is actually my new favourite! I still buy Thriving protein powders for my kids as that one is safe for 12 months and up but now I personally prefer the Clean Protein formula due to the even higher protein content and less carbs which is better for my needs. But seriously, you can't go wrong with any of the protein powders by this company!   

So if you'd like to try a truly nourishing and tasty protein powder, grab it via my affiliate link HERE    


Yours in Health



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