Hi (finally!)

Hi everyone!

After a long time of deliberation, procrastination and downright techno challenged stumblings, I have started my blog.  I have run my facebook page for a while now which is Naughty Naturopath Mum  and kept meaning to add a blog and finally....here it is! What a momentous occassion for this naturopath that really only knows how to mix herbs and flower essences! Well actually, I did do a bit of writing when I studied journalism and english at uni which was only for a year straight out of highschool and then I jumped ship to Naturopathy college! But technology and I are still a bit wary of each other so we shall see where this online business goes shall we? Next thing I know I will have a website and the whole she-bang! 😉


So who am I?

I'm Alisha, a naturopath and mum to 2 little ones. My kids have been the main source of my delay and procrastination about starting the blog but they are also the main source of my inspiration for starting this business and blog that goes with it.  My eldest has just turned 2 and the youngest is 8 months so motherhood is keeping me fairly busy at this stage.  When my 2 year old was about 9 months, I started my facebook page to sell the flower remedies  as I missed being in clinic and working in healthfood stores and generally just missed talking about health all together.

I have always had a passion for the Australian Bush Flower Essences and so I started to make up personal remedies for people from my home via e-mail consult. That was over in Bunbury, W.A.  Fast forward a year and a bit and I'm on the other side of the country in Hervey Bay QLD, have another baby and have expanded my small business to include a range of ready made flower essence blends for any emotional blockage you can think of as well as recipes, health tips, keeping toddlers and bubs well and anything that inspires a healthier way of living really.

So now enter the blog! I will post all types of blogs I imagine.....recipes,  articles on health issues, life concerns, food, herb and nutrition facts and of course the Australian Bush Flower Essences and my clients experiences on them.

If you'd like to check out my flower essences and learn more about them, please click HERE

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I welcome feedback and interaction with you all.


Yours in health,


Alisha x

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