Flower Essence and Star Sign Guide for 2020

This has to be one of my all time favourite blogs to write and this will be the third year that I have collaborated with renowned astrologist, Jenny Blumeto give you the astrological forecast for the year as well as which flower essences will serve you best in 2020! 

As well as being an astrologist, Jenny is a Feng Shui and Clearing practitioner and if you have heard of her name before, she is also the astrologist for Woman's Day magazine and really knows her stuff! I love working with Jenny to work out what energetic support each star sign might need for the coming year. 

I also love beginning the new year with a bit more direction, don't you!? Whether it's for ourselves or our kids, having some insight into what may be the biggest lessons...and therefore what energetic support to have on hand is very cool!

So here it is again and I hope you enjoy reading your sign as much as I have enjoyed writing it....

The Star Sign and Flower Essence Guide for 2020!

Please note that other flower essence blends might feel more suited to you than the ones I have included for your star sign so just use whatever you think is right for you. These ones below that I have matched to your 2020 forecast are aimed to help with what the year has in store for you both energetically and emotionally. You can click on the blend name to read more about what it can do for you and if you get three or more blends you will benefit from my pack discount too. 😊

December 23 – January 20

Themes: Acting on your ideas and not giving in to fear
Mood lifters: Wardrobe revamps and pampering sessions

Ready for good news? 2020 is your year! With Jupiter adding a special glow to your sign, it’s time to spread your wings and fly. Surround yourself with supportive people and set your sights high. A health or image overhaul may beckon in February, but with your social and romantic spheres both lighting up, you’ll want to look and feel your best. Sitting on a clever idea? Let April and May’s determined stars turn you into a winner! August could bring an inheritance – or perhaps it will be you providing a helping hand?

Mind and Body 

~ Capricorns tend to be hard workers, making rest and relaxation all the more important. Spas and pampering sessions should be worth every cent! Being worriers, preplanned, low-stress holidays should suit best; think package tours, ocean cruises or all-inclusive resorts and you’ve got the picture.

~ Your grounded nature responds best to earthy, tasty food. Being a creature of habit, you’ll always want veggies, meat, rice and pasta as your staples, but change can be as good as a holiday. To boost calcium levels, include plenty of cheese, almonds and fish in your diet.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn

Cleanse: To help with any health regimes in the new year

Slow Down: To help decrease those worrisome thought and monkey mind antics

Like A Boss: To juggle all those big plans like a boss, you've got this! 

January 21 – February 19

Themes: Expanding your world – and your thinking
Mood lifters: Sporting events and shared holidays

As your quest for meaning intensifies, you’ll be drawn towards some fascinating people and places. For some, a move or dream holiday might materialise, while for others, an inventive idea will create a buzz. Autumn should provide a taste of things to come, so if you’re feeling uncertain or a tad overwhelmed, sample a few options – and don’t be afraid to backtrack or update your skills. By next summer you should be ready to roll!

Mind and Body

More responsibility is heading your way, so get yourself sorted – perhaps literally! Autumn could conjure up an exciting business or money-making idea, but do your research carefully. Meticulous planning is the key to your future success.

~ Sticking to recipes may be your greatest challenge, but those personal touches can turn meals into masterpieces. Unusual ingredients should make cooking more fun, so try to include rare herbs and spices. Your sign also rules citrus, so pull out that juicer and start experimenting. Aquatic sports like swimming, sailing and aquaerobics should sooth your inner water baby. If you’re over the gym, look for adventurous sports and get that adrenaline pumping.

Flower Essences Blends for Aquarius 

Spirit: To support your quest for meaning and allow you to be open to what needs to be heard from your higher self

Focus: To help support you with any new skill updates and increase your mental clarity and concentration.

Intuition: To balance the third eye chakra helping you with decision making

February 20 – March 20

Themes: Letting go of the past and embracing the future
Mood lifters: Live entertainment and left-field therapies

You’ve reached a turning point, Pisces. Responsibilities may be winding up – or down – and as your interests change, friendships may fade. In a cosmic spring-clean, the planets are making space for new dreams – and for important new friends and relationships. Singles might even bump into love along the way. Don’t let that sentimental side hold you back!

Mind and Body

~ If finance stresses have been weighing heavily, spring’s inventive stars could change everything. Listen out for good news in early November; you may even be offered a job.

~ Your sensitive system responds well to light foods such as stir-fries, salads and Asian-style soups. Fish (either fresh or tinned) and lean meat are also great, but steer clear of fatty cuts. Many Pisceans suffer from allergies, especially in childhood, so where possible, go chemical free.

~ Turn up the volume and get that bootie shaking! Dancing is your astral wonder-drug, Pisces, along with watery pursuits like sailing and aquaerobics. If you can’t find a pool or beach, look for a gym that offers Zumba or bliss out with yoga. Recharge your batteries by getting back to the basics: fresh air, deep breathing, peace and quiet.

Flower Essences for Pisces

Let It Go: To support you in safely letting go of people and things that are no longer serving you

Help: To help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety

Courage: To help support you through any big changes and in any new areas of your life 

March 21 - April 20

Themes: Balance, moderation, teamwork and tolerance
Mood lifters: Immersing yourself in nature or beautiful music

Can you really have it all? With hard working Saturn spurring you on, you’re going to give it a red hot try! Yes, 2020 looks like a bumper year for you, not just at work, but socially and fitness-wise too. Keeping up may prove challenging for us mere mortals, but being ruled by Mars, your staying-power borders on supernatural. Even so, you may find moderation is the key to true happiness, particularly as spring unfolds. April’s supercharged new moon could turn a dream into a reality and late August could bring an amazing opportunity at work.

Mind and Body

~ Aries, your big personality needs big flavours. Onions, leeks and chillies fit perfectly with your palate, as does almost anything Asian or Indian. Being a busy person, it’s all about maximum flavor in minimum time, so cooking up big batches and freezing portions for later makes sense.

~ Staying active should help to burn off some of that pent-up energy (much to the relief of your loved ones); if you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, join a team or revisit a sport that you loved as a child. Anything too slow will lose you, so choose activities that get the heart pumping. Power or Ashtanga yoga, touch footy, boxercise, marathons, mountain climbing … the sky’s the limit!

Flower Essences for Aries

Like A Boss: To support you while you keep up with the pace you set yourself

Slow Down: To help bring in some balance and moderation while you fit so much into your year

Grounding: Balancing the root chakra and to help keep you grounded throughout a busy year 

April 21 - May 21

Themes: Bravery, trusting your instincts, showing your true colours
Mood lifters: Singing, dancing, and spa treatments (of course!)

Up for a fresh challenge? Being an earth sign, stability is a powerful motivator for you, but this year, Uranus (the planet of change, invention and innovation) is encouraging you to take a few more risks than usual. New studies might catch your eye, along with intriguing new people and places; as those feet grow itchier, an amazing holiday or sea-change might even materialise. It’s all about finding your own unique voice – perhaps even literally! Mentoring, teaching or coaching could prove profitable in 2020. The May 23 new moon might see you revisiting a canny idea. Feeling the pinch? Reassess spending and expenses through June.

Mind and Body

Live music and entertainment should leave you on a high. Meditation, yoga or mindfulness could change your life. Feel-good films and live shows should keep you smiling

~ Being the zodiac’s foodie, regular exercise is essential for you. Anything involving music should hit the spot, so why not try dance classes or pump up the volume at home? As an earthy sign, outdoorsy activities like tennis, riding and bushwalking should recharge your body and your soul. If walking alone bores you, grab a friend or fill an iPod with your favourite tunes.

Flower Essences for Taurus

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life including money, people and holidays 

Truth: To help you speak up for yourself as this is the year for you to find your truth, speak it and put it into action - finding your unique voice.

Cravings Control: For times of overindulgence and help with opening up and sharing your emotions instead of trying to squash them.

May 22 – June 22

Themes: Setting long-term goals and shoring up your nest-egg
Mood lifters: Creative pursuits like writing, cooking and designing

Still stressing about the future? Taskmaster Saturn may be stirring up some old insecurities, but don’t overthink things, for Lady Luck Jupiter is racing to the rescue. Money-wise, she’s ushering you into a more proactive, optimistic phase; there could even be a promotion, payout or inheritance in the pipeline.Weigh up your options carefully through winter, then prepare to reinvent yourself through spring and next summer. Happy days! The January 11 eclipse could bring a wake up call, but it might just what you need. If your finances are feeling wobbly, the June 21 eclipse could prompt a decision. But don’t stress – from mid-July it should be onwards and upwards.

Mind and Body

Art and craft projects could become an obsession in 2020. Aromatherapy and reflexology should resonate deeply. Journaling or blogging could lead to lightbulb realisations

~ That speedy brain of yours relates best to high intensity workouts: aerobics, cycling, jogging and group fitness sessions should hit the spot and calm those nerves. Being a natural multitasker, if you can work-out and talk at the same time, all the better. High energy dance classes like zumba and tap might strike a chord … or why not give social tennis a shot?

Flower Essences for Gemini

Help: To decrease any feelings of stress and worry 

Slow Down: To create more inner calm and slow down that busy brain of yours

Peace: To help balance your heart chakra and increase feelings of peace and stability 

June 22 - July 23

Themes: Nurturing existing relationships and forming new ones
Mood lifters: Shared fitness kicks, candlelit dinners and romance

Splash out on some fun new outfits, for you’re turning into the queen of the popularity stakes! As jovial Jupiter heats up your social sector, people will gather like bees to a honeypot (and yes, that could include a lover for singles). And without even knowing it, your networking skills will power up too; a new business partner might even appear. Creative and fundraising endeavours should prove especially successful, so put those talents to good use. Mid-January could bring a windfall or stroke of luck; just don’t gamble! Circle August 19! It could mark the start of a lucrative new cycle.

Mind and Body

Beautiful fabrics and art should reflect you ‘new you’ and feel-good films and concerts will leave you on a high

~ Being a water sign, swimming and aquaerobics might hit the spot, or sports like sailing and canoeing may appeal. But let’s not forget, you’re also the zodiac’s homebody, so if swimsuits aren’t your style, stock up on fitness DVDs or convert a spare room into a chilled out space that’s just for you. Pilates and yoga should leave you supple and strong.

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer 

Self Love: To support you in making this year more about YOU

Energy: This will help you keep up with your new social and work life balance

BlissTo balance the sacral chakra and help you connect with yourself and others

July 24 – August 23

Themes: Developing healthier habits – and living your best life
Mood lifters: Plenty of weekends away and outdoor pursuits

Dreaming of quiet, relaxing year? With the zodiac’s taskmaster, Saturn, cracking the whip, that’s highly unlikely! The pace is picking up, not just at work, but socially and on the home front too. As thoughts turn to the future, some Lions will dive into new businesses ventures, while for others, winter’s studious stars will propel them back into the classroom. ‘Use it or lose it’, might suit nicely as your 2020 motto! Reassess spending and investments from mid-February to mid-March. Stay tuned for a brilliant money-making idea around the September 17 new moon. Midyear training could boost your work prospects.

Mind and Body

~ Leos aren’t known for their love of moderation. But forget the old ‘feast or famine’ approach and instead aim for high-energy meals that include plenty of protein. Cooking is a creative outlet for you, so look for unusual tableware and serving platters and turn everyday meals into feasts. 

~ As kids, little Lions are bounding with energy, so if you’ve become sedentary with age, look to childhood for inspiration. Active yoga, like ashtanga or power, might awaken your inner gymnast, or if you’re feeling brave, why not learn tango or circus skills? In the end though, anything involving people or fun is perfect: group walks, gym classes, team sports, it’s all good.

Flower Essences for Leo

Cleanse Blend: To help support you create healthier habits

Sweet Dreams: To increase more quality sleep which will be needed in such a busy year

Intuition: To help with decision making and guidance during times of reassessment 

August 24 – September 23

Themes: Self-expression, romance, creativity and children
Mood lifters: Beautiful sounds, tastes, smells … and people

Bring it on! If you’re looking for more love or romance, this might be your lucky year. For couples, these passionate patterns should inject more fun and joy into things; a precious new baby or pet might even enter your life. As Jupiter heightens your senses, beautiful sounds, tastes and smells should strike a chord, so give yourself permission to enjoy life: gourmet foods, music, massages … after a stressful year, call it therapy if you like! May could bring a full-scale review of finances and where you’re heading if life; don’t let fear hold you back. From July, look out world; your proactive approach could really turn things around.

Mind and Body

Being the most health conscious sign, fresh and organic is best for you. Some may call you fussy, but being an earth-ruled sign, root crops, salads and whole foods suit you and your digestive system best. To add more variety and flavor, why not start a herb garden? 

~ Virgos are generally one of the fittest signs … when they can find the time! Regularity is the key so if need be, draw up a schedule and stick it on the fridge. Activities that require precision, like Pilates and Iyengar yoga often appeal, along with bowling, tennis and walking. Kick things off with a personal training session, but first, grab some good shoes.

Flower Essences for Virgo

Protect: You are often surrounded by people and Protect blend will keep you from carrying other people's emotional baggage

Energy: To help keep you enthusiastic, motivated and energetic 

Slow Down: To give yourself permission to focus on the therapeutic parts of your life

September 24 – October 23

Themes: Balancing work and play while supporting others (it’s tricky!)
Mood lifters: Escapist books and movies, gossipy catchups

‘Home is where the heart lies’, might become your 2020 mantra. Squeezing in work and outside obligations won’t be easy, but Jupiter is swinging the spotlight onto your family; some Librans may move or renovate; just remember that bigger is not always better. From July, teamwork will be the crucial ingredient, not just at home but in the office as well. Don’t be afraid to delegate duties or organise brainstorming sessions. You might even tap into latent leadership skills or score a promotion. The April 23 new moon will propel some Librans into a more lucrative cycle. Don’t be afraid of new technology. It could boost your bank balance.
For career minded types, the June 21 eclipse might bring a golden opportunity.

Mind and Body

~ For Librans, food needs to look as good as it tastes. Beautifully presented platters should have you salivating, but opt for the savoury options where possible. Lebanese food is ideal, being nutritious, tasty and colourful, but go easy on the baklava and experiment with berries instead.

~ Sweaty sports and activities might leave you cold, that’s unless dancing or socialising is involved. If exercise is a stop-start affair for you, finding a chatty exercise buddy could make all the difference. Away from the dance floor, look for activities that encourage symmetry, like walking, swimming and Pilates, or join a sporting club.

Flower Essences for Libra

Like A Boss: To support you in finding the balance and helping with the juggle 

Cravings Control: To support the emotions associated with sweet cravings.

Focus: Supporting your mental clarity and concentration 

October 24 – November 22

Themes: Learning, and connecting with like-minded people
Mood lifters: Rustic recipes and top-quality produce

It’s never too late! With Jupiter expanding your vision, you’re full of big ideas. Autumn’s community-minded stars should propel you into action, so find a project that gets you excited; your passion will inspire others, and it could change lives. If you’ve caught the travel bug, winter could bring a dream holiday, and it’s just the start. Prepare to spread those wings and fly (or load up the car and drive!). If delays through May and June test your patience, July should bring progress. Rather than push uphill, use this period to reassess investments and strategies.

Mind and Body

If you’re a typical Scorpio, you lean towards rich, strong flavours. But alas, your stomach may not always agree. A few dietary changes could make a big difference: try lighter, more frequent meals, and if boredom is a problem, challenge yourself to trying a new recipe each week.

~ Feeling fit and strong makes you feel good, so don’t fall into bad habits. Grab some hand weights, or if you’re up for a challenge, try karate or self-defense classes. Squeeze in a few power walks as well … with your determination, you might end up running marathons.

Flower Essences for Scorpio

Self Love: To help you nurture yourself more by increasing your sense of self worth

Courage: To balance and nourish the solar plexus chakra and enhance self worth as well as aiding your digestion

Manifest: To help bring your big ideas to fruition

November 23 – December 22

Themes: Being more proactive – and ticking off your bucket list!
Mood lifters: Nature walks and off-the-grid holidays

Hang on tight! With Mars in your sign until mid-February, you’re off to a flying start. Yes, an action-packed summer awaits, along with a flurry of getaways and social events; the fun and games may not come cheap, but thanks to Jupiter, your finances are heating up (and for singles, so’s the dating scene!). Long-term financial strategies and household expenses might come under scrutiny through winter, but for most Saggies, the future looks rosy! Financially, under Jupiter’s expansive rays, 2020 might end up being a bumper year. Winter could force a rethink, so keep your plans flexible

Mind and Body

Stick of the same old same old? If you can’t always travel as much as you’d like, let food transport you. Moroccan, Chinese, Indian … cooking can be a rich cultural experience. Sultanas, currents and cinnamon are all ruled by your sign, so why not learn to brew fragrant chai tea?

~ Fresh air really is your magic elixir, so when in doubt, head for the great outdoors. Symbolised by the centaur, horse riding fits well with your sign, along with archery, cycling and walking. Racket sports also appeal to Sags, along with spiritual practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Find ways to combine fitness and travel, and I promise, staying healthy will be a breeze.

Flower Essences for Sagittarius

Energy: To support your motivation and energy levels during the beautiful big year you have ahead of you!

Manifest: To align your energy with the energy of what you want to bring into your life and keep it flowing towards you (this includes money which is another form of energy!)

Protect: Protecting your energy is so important while you are so busy 

Phew, we are done! Thanks so much to Jenny Blume who provided us with the insight to our star signs for this year which helped me pick the flower essence blends that will best support you this year. If you'd like further info on Jenny and what she does, please check out www.jennyblume.com.au

Want any of the flower essence blends I've mentioned?  You will get an automatic discount when ordering three or more blends! Please see the discount details and find all the flower essence blend descriptions here.

Hope you all have an amazing year filled with health, fun, love and (easy) lessons,

Yours in health,

Alisha x

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