The Best Way to Say Goodbye to 2016


December 29, 2016

I know this year has been tough for many of us. It's picked us up, rolled us around, turned us upside down and spat us back out again. Now it's time to say goodbye 2016.


A bit of a tornado year.


It's not a coincidence that so many of us have been in this same rocky boat in 2016. Nor that the world has lost so many amazing artists or that we have been globally gobsmacked from changes we didn't see coming. I won't even go into the atrocities that have occurred around the world, as sadly they are a part of every year. They are what motivates change. But this year has felt bigger and harder and sometimes awfully cruel.

Energetically, 2016 (2+0+1+6) has been a 9 year. A year of completion, wrapping up unfinished business and letting go. Elizabeth Peru says '2016 has forced us to take a good deep look at our values and integrity. Just consider that the pure act of 'letting-go' of your past (which has happened continuously this year) opens up the doorway for new experiences to come flooding in.'

So if you're feeling weary, tattered, shattered, discombobulated (I've always wanted to use that word in a blog) and just a bit war torn, you are certainly not alone.


It's been a year of lessons coming in hard and fast.


I'm currently on holidays and before we left, I couldn't even get excited. I just felt exhausted. Flat. I just wanted to crawl into a cave, roll a stone in front of it and declare a Summer hibernation. The thought of a camping road trip with my husband and two young kids felt like more than I could undertake but it had been in the planning for the last 12 months and it had to go ahead.

Here's why I was struggling from the last year:

We bought a house in February (change + growth + more financial stress not to mention the exhaustion of moving a household and home business with young kids).

My work life. My business had grown again this year, and too quickly for me to keep up. It has grown because I was challenged again and again and I kept pushing through which meant more changes + more growth + more stress of a business I didn't plan properly!

One of these work challenges involved a cyber or 'troll' attack on my business and myself personally. While it definitely was a major low at the time, it also grew my confidence, and resilience, as a business owner.

My health suffered terribly this year due to the extra stress. I gained more weight, lost a lot of sleep and was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and an autoimmune disease. Fun.

So how am I going since we left Brisbane by car, the day after my son's daycare graduation, with our trusty tent to end up in Ballarat for Christmas?

I'm sooooo good. This recent holiday has taught me that it actually only takes one moment to wash it all away.


One moment can change everything.


You just need that one moment of peace, clarity and joy to restructure your cells.

One moment to wash away the debris of all the moments that came before that did not feel kind or gentle.

There have been many beautiful and peaceful moments since that first moment but it was that very first time where I saw clearly again that shifted everything back into perspective. When I emerged from the ocean and looked back at my family, and the bushy coastline, I realised I was actually more ok than I thought. I had energy, I had happiness, I had so much peace in my heart. I could carry that forward to the next place and the next place and the next place.


So what I want you all to do is to find a moment before 2017 starts.


It will be your moment of renewal and rebirth. It will wash away the harder moments that have come before and you will purposefully bring that moment into your being and colour your soul with it. Just like a new coat of paint.

What I do know is that water helps a lot. So if you could find yourself a moment in time to have a shower, a bath, a dip in a creek, a lake, a river, a pool, a waterfall or my personal favourite, the ocean (there's nothing quite like submersion in salt water to cleanse negative layers away) and wash 2016 off you, ready to greet 2017.

Go under the water with all that you'd like to let go of and come up again knowing you have left the aching and hard parts of you behind there in that water. And then set your intention of finding your inner peace (it's  always there, trust me) and then hold onto it . Let this moment come to you and when you feel that release and the calm happiness wash over you, imagine you are painting your insides with it. You can choose to make this your new decoration.

It is totally ok if you cry as you release and let go (encouraged even!) but make sure you stay with it until it makes way for a smile that comes from deep inside.

But what's up ahead? How long will our peace last? Ahhhhh, that's up to us in a way, isn't it? The good news is that 2017 is a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1) which signals new starts, new beginnings,  clear slates and when we lay our dreams and desires for the next energy decade.


So I really hope you will do this little exercise for yourself to wrap up the year that was.

Your life, your family, your friends, your work will all be as you left them but YOU, you will have changed.


And that makes all the difference in the world.

Yours in Health,


Alisha x


ps. Needing help letting go? Please have a read of this flower essence blend.

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Megan Willis
Megan Willis

December 31, 2016

I loved your blog. What divine timing. I got up at 4am, left my beloved husband in charge of the children, drove to the beach, stood in the water and watched the sunrise. Absolutely perfect.

Thanks Alisha


December 31, 2016

So happy to read this comment! Happy New Year to you

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