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September 22, 2016

So I'm certainly not an expert as this is only my first year of school holidays having had my eldest start prep this year.

It's been a whirlwind year so far and I've decided that holiday time is definitely best kept simple and chilled for both mum and kids sanity. Sure, outings, excursions, trips away, going abroad and camping are all wonderful but keeping it simple is also very beneficial.  I'm a working mum so I utilise vacation care and my mums help but I make sure I have days off with the kids as well because mums need holidays from the usual routine too!

But we don't want to lose our minds right? So I thought I'd share what this novice school mum thinks a school holiday is all about and because I'm writing this blog in the school holidays, time is even more precious so it's a blog told via pictures! Something about a picture saying 1000 words hey? I hope you enjoy it!

Because I don't want you to end up like this...
Here are my School Holiday Tips:


Be as present as you can with your children.You will get so much more out of your day and find yourself snapping at them less if you aren't as distracted by being elsewhere. 


Involve them in what you are doing!Teach them healthy habits (and get certain jobs done for you!) 😉


Have fun with healthy snacks...


Or even this will do... 😉


Never underestimate the power of reading to and with your child and the amazing imagination you are helping cultivate


Indoor and outdoor picnics are the best, even if they are at home! Celebrate anything and everything!


So many good kids movies out right now! But don't forget to take your own snacks 😉


Don't let them win! Have your own plan: Have Mumma Magic on hand! 😉


Slow Down = more patience and less yelling 🙂


There will be more mess. Get messy with them. If you can't beat them, join them! 


If you need some space, do anything you can to create it.Mind a friends kids for a few hours and then do a swap, call on relatives or just shut yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes!


Have treat food on hand and better yet get them to make it with you! This No-Bake Healthy Choc Fudge is soooo easy, quick and YUMMY!


And even after doing everything you can think of and still feel like you are about to lose your sh!t....


Just look at their faces and remember what they mean to you...


.....and even research some childhood behaviour info Maggie Dent really knows her stuff 


If you are beating yourself up in any way for being the parent you are or not being able to be with your kids during the holidays or perhaps not able to get to Dreamworld or Fiji then stop that right now. You ARE giving your kids the upbringing they need.


And most of all, have fun!!!

Love Alisha and Kids xxx

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September 23, 2016

Thanks for the reminder! Here in WA, school holidays start next week and I’m going in with a positive attitude! Usually by the end of the holidays we’ve found our rhythm and could go an extra week but just in case I’ve got some Mumma Magic & your 2 new blends should be here next week just in time (you know, for back up! Haha)


September 23, 2016

Have a great holiday! Let me know how the new blends go! X

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