How to Make Water Kefir

I am excited that this recipe is brought to you by one of my followers!!

Leah Pepper runs water kefir workshops in her home town of Bunbury in WA (my old home town!) and also has a FB page that you can check out.

We have shared a lot since I became her flower essence practitioner and lucky for me, she is happy sharing her recipes.  

I hope it shows that we can all become our own 'health practitioner'.

Leah's Water Kefir Recipe

Ingredients and Utensils

·         1 large glass jar with no lid, big enough to hold 1 or 2 litres
·         a nylon sieve/strainer or a pair of stockings (the finer the filter strainer the better)
·         large plastic jug
·         plastic funnel
·         cheesecloth or similar open weave material to go over top of jar
·         rubber band to hold cloth on with
·         a flip top glass bottle ideally with a rubber seal under the lid
·         organic lemons ( if they are not organic or you are not sure, peel the skin off)
·         unrefined sea salt or even better Murray River sea salt or Himalayan sea salt
·         dried dates, sultanas or apple (source dried fruit with no added sulphur and any dried fruit other than pineapple is fine. The dried fruit is to give the grains fructose to eat)
·         organic molasses
·         fresh fruit juice
·         water kefir grains    



Once you have received either dehydrated grains or fresh, live water kefir grains you will need to "wake them up". This can take a 1-3 batches for this to happen.


To rehydrate your grains.... (for equivalent of 1/4 cup of rehydrated kefir grains)

Prepare a sugar water solution: (to help your grains wake up add a couple of teaspoons of organic molasses to your glass jar) 

Into a large glass jar put 1/4 cup of sugar.

Add 1 cup of boiling hot water to dissolve the sugar (use either raw sugar, unrefined sugar, rapadura, demerara, sucana, etc. The less refined and darker the better).

Add a pinch of sea salt for minerals for the grains to eat.

Stir until dissolved. 

Then add 3 cups of room temperature or cold spring water, mineral water or filtered water (this makes 1 litre all up).
Taste the sugar water solution for reference when checking for "doneness" later. Place a straw in the mix, place your finger over end of straw then lift out and allow fluid in the straw to run into your mouth.

Cover with the cloth and rubber band and place in a warm dark place for 2 days. After this time, move the container a little and you should see tiny bubbles rising.

Taste the mixture again and it should not be so sweet (if there is no bubbles and is still sweet leave for another day or so they wake up fully).

Once you are sure that the grains are awake, uncover and add a piece of dried organic sulphur free fruit ( you can use 1 sulphur free date per litre) and a slice of organic lemon.

Re-cover and let ferment for 48 hours in warm dark place. In summer it may not take as long as 48 hours.  In winter it may take longer. This is called the first ferment.

Once your first ferment is done, it will not taste overly sweet as the grains have eaten most of the sugar, there will also be a small amount of carbonation or fizz when you taste it. If its still sweet, leave it for another 12 hours or so then check the taste of it again.  



Now its time to do your second ferment. 
The second ferment makes the finished kefir even bubblier!
Strain out your grains with the stocking over the funnel into a glass bottle (you might need to split it into 2 bottles as you need room for the juice and fizz).


Pick out the fruit & throw away.

Put the grains aside.

Add some fresh juice, about 2 shot glasses or half a cup to the bottled water kefir.

A bottle with a good seal on top will help to make your kefir nice and fizzy. 

Put the lid on and leave the bottle sitting on your kitchen bench for another day or two.
MAKE SURE you 'burp' your bottle a few times each day while it is not in the fridge to let out the pressure building up in it.
After a day or two when its as fizzy as you like, refrigerate your kefir & drink it daily!
Don't leave it sitting in the fridge for weeks unopened as it may explode.

You also don't have to do the second ferment if you don't want to. You can bottle it and drink it straight away if you like.

Measure your grains each time you make kefir as they will multiply when they are happy.

When you get extra grains you can either double up the mix above & make 2 litres,or put them in a water/sugar solution in the fridge on holidays for a week or 2, changing the water solution every few weeks.

You can add a few teaspoons of molasses that's been dissolved in hot water and allowed to cool down, the grains love the minerals in molasses.

Or your extra grains can be dried out and kept as a back up for up to 6 months, maybe 12 months.

So there you have it, are you going to give it a go?

You may be wondering how to get your hands on kefir granules so here are some links to check out:

I love Water Kefir

Cultures for Health

Cultured Food Life


Thank you so much Leah.  

Let us know in the comments if you have made water or milk Kefir before and if you are a fan!


 Yours in health,

 Alisha x

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